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Perth, Western Australia

Hello everyone, my name is Rosemary and I blog about my travel experiences as “Le Chic En Rose”. I originally come from Yorkshire in the north of England but moved to Perth, Western Australia with my husband and small daughter nearly 25 years ago! 1,339 more words

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  [caption id="attachment_2043" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]View back towards Perth city centre from the South Perth foreshore. The Swan River is in the foreground. View back towards Perth city centre from the South Perth foreshore. The Swan River is in the foreground.[/caption] Nicole from Mein Leben In Graz (https://meinlebeningraz.wordpress.com) is a student living in Graz, Austria. She has had the great idea of finding out more about her visitors and followers by asking some of them to write guest posts for her "Around The World Page". She asked me if I'd like to write one about Perth and it has just been published. Here it is - hope you enjoy reading a bit more about my adoptive home city of Perth! Perth, Western Australia.

Further afield - Perth

Closer to cities in Asia than most cities in Australia, Perth is a pleasant if pretty dull place, making Brisbane seem like Sydney in comparison. It is a very liveable city though (other than the ridiculous heat) with a surprisingly good public transport system (amazingly until recently most trains in Auckland were second hand ones bought from Perth in the 1980s) and a few things to see. 193 more words

Further Afield


14/2/2015 – Out in a boat to see the Giants

As part of the Perth International Arts Festival 2015, the incredible, phenomenal journey of The Giants to the streets of Perth.   347 more words

Western Australia

"Commercialised patriotism and commercialised sentiment"

Dodgy Perth missed Anzac Day this year, by virtue of being abroad. However we did discover a bar in Manchester which served Little Creatures Pale Ale, and so a glass was appropriately raised last Saturday. 253 more words


New on 500px : Boat Shed by ivanbaicn

I have been to this boat shed near UWA many times during sunset, but this is the first time during sunrise with burning cloud, been waiting for this moment for a real long time. 6 more words

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