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When you think “British playwright,” or even just “playwright” who first comes to mind? If we were to conduct a survey family-feud style, undoubtably “Shakesepeare” would be one of the most popular answers. 223 more words


Snow in Midsummer

The RSC is offering something a little different this season: an adaptation of an ancient Chinese classic (Guan Hanqing’s 13th-century The Injustice Done to Dou E… 276 more words


A magical visit to the RSC to see Snow in Midsummer at the Swan Theatre ❤

Each visit to the RSC is magical. It is so unique in the location, the building, the staff and the mix of people from all ages and backgrounds. 528 more words


The Two Noble Kinsmen - Swan Theatre

The Two Noble Kinsmen is Shakespeare’s last play, which he is believed to have co-written with John Fletcher. Two friends, Palamon and Arcite, are put in prison, and they both fall in love with Emilia who is the sister in law of their captor, Theseus. 104 more words


Shakespeare in Wales this January

Happy New Year, everyone!

Now that the New Year’s Eve hangovers have mostly worn off and the Christmas diet of sweets and pudding is behind us, we can look forward to what 2017 has to offer. 494 more words

Shakespeare Cymru

The Seven Acts of Mercy

Following The Tempest, I moved to the Swan Theatre for a performance of the RSC’s newest play, The Seven Acts of Mercy. Written by Anders Lustgarten, it is named after Caravaggio’s 1616 painting and is set both at the time of the work’s creation and in 2016 Bootle, where a young boy tries to put his art-loving grandfather’s compassionate principles into practice by performing seven “acts of mercy” of his own. 262 more words


The Rover

Playing alongside The Two Noble Kinsmen in the Swan Theatre this season is The Rover: both plays formed part of the Swan’s opening season back in 1986, and have been chosen to be produced once again this year. 366 more words