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The nature of grief and a trip to Perth

My day job has been rather tense and hectic. I was pushing to get a report out and you know what…I stuffed up. Maybe that was in a small way. 405 more words

A Writer's Life

Into the NAFF race, once more…

Even though I was beaten (by the slimmest of margins) for NAFF last year, I thought I throw my hat in the ring once again. Glutton for punishment, me! 698 more words


SwanCon 2016 Community Canvass

I’ve been going to SwanCon continuously since 1986, and it is a big part of my life. A time when I get to see many friends in Perth that I only see once or twice a year. 100 more words

1, 2, 3, 4, get the laundry off the floor

Would be great if Loki would stop deciding to make himself a ‘nest’.

Still feeling “Con Hangover”, mostly because Wing unwisely planned for activities the day after. 24 more words

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SwanCon #39, "Conjuration"

Opening ceremonies were rousing, as usual. Coman is a great emCee.

Sat in on panel about using social media to keep a strong web presence. The pros and cons, and how we (collective we) each have a different way to handle the faceless trolls whose only claims to ‘fame’ are being able to type FIRST on a blog post or seem to enjoy just being nasty. 20 more words

Every Day Life