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SWANSEA: Limeslade family calling Lewis Pies rissoles 'croquettes' all the time

A middle class family from Limeslade have been accused of ‘fried breadcrumb snobbery’ for refusing to say the word rissoles when ordering rissoles.

The Bowen’s, who live in Limeslade on the less expensive end of Higher Lane, enjoy the finer things in life like yoga, pulled meat, hygge and deep fried Lewis Pies rissoles. 208 more words

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SWANSEA: Innocent car park masturbator accused of dogging

A man innocently masturbating in a car park in Jersey Marine has found himself caught up in the dogging row reported in the Evening Post, it has emerged. 256 more words

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SWANSEA: Pete Bowen disappointed not to be invited onto Strictly Come Dancing

The Daily Swansea’s very own Pete Bowen has been snubbed by bias BBC executives and won’t be appearing on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, it has emerged. 219 more words

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SWANSEA: 'Bonnie Tyler's defining moment? Barrows in 2001', claims old Mumbles lush

An old Mumbles lush has recalled Bonnie Tyler’s real career high, from a lock-in at a Mumbles wine bar in 2001.

Following her surge to the top of iTunes in the US singing about an eclipse during an eclipse, hanger on Pete Bowen described the moment he was part of something really special. 249 more words

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SWANSEA: Waunarlwydd weirdo 'giving up on dark web because he can't stand all the adverts'

A Waunarlwydd man has announced his decision to give up on browsing the dark web for sick stuff, because it’s become a bit too commercialised. … 322 more words

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SWANSEA: Man staring longingly at barbecue and wondering if today is the day

A man is standing in his kitchen window, gazing longingly at his tarpaulin draped porcelain enamelled barbecue and wondering if today might be the day. … 359 more words

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SWANSEA: Future freshers checking out pictures of places they'll never visit

Students starting at Swansea University next academic year have been busily looking at all the nice things Swansea has to offer, before they never go to see any of them. 383 more words

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