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SWANSEA: ‘Free death for the poor!’ Proclaims Hammond #Budget2017

Philip Hammond has confirmed that today’s Budget will include a generous sweetener for people who drink Blossom Hill and shop in Morrison’s.

The Chancellor, keen to avoid any tricky questions about incompetence, will announce that poor people can just die for free without having to suffer the indignity of a Tory Government. 275 more words

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SWANSEA: Middle class parents whose son ‘wants to work up the tip when he’s older’ wonder what they’re doing all this for

A couple from Kittle have been rocked by the news that their 5 year old wants to work in the tip when he’s older.

Nespresso machine owners Rob and Cheryl Gray were blissfully unaware of son Frankie’s future career plans, having already paid for two terms in Oakleigh House. 226 more words

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SWANSEA: Monday is Brexit

Monday is such a nightmare for most people that it’s a paradox for Brexit, a study has found.

The study, carried out by Swansea University and funded by some left over Europe money, concluded that the day is such a venture into the abyss that it can be the work of only the devil, or Michael Gove. 313 more words

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