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New post on my tumblr: 3 new Sway capabilities for Office 365 subscribers

3 new Sway capabilities for Office 365 subscribers

In the 10 months since Sway’s general availability, we’ve seen great interest in our digital storytelling app, with millions of Sways created to date!

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Book Swap On Your Next Flight on Jetstar Asia

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Bring along a book for your next holiday and rediscover the joys of reading over again. Before we had inflight entertainment screens and onboard movies and music, we used to read to keep ourselves occupied. 147 more words


Interest Rate Swap - Part II

In my previous post, I discussed setting up an example swap to value. In order to value the 2 legs, we need discount factors and forward rates, we can get both by setting up a swap curve. 730 more words


Interest Rate Swap - Part I

As a fixed income developer, I come across IRS pricing quite a lot in my day job. There are many different kinds of Swaps used in practice, starting with simple “vanilla” fixed-for-floating swaps, forward starting swaps (10 Y swap starting in 2 years from now), amortizing notional (notional changes during the course of swap) and lately Non-Deliverable swaps where the notional is in local currency (for example, Brazil BRL) but cash flows are exchanged in USD. 521 more words


Hot Tips For Postcard Collectors

Here are some of my best tips for those of you out there who enjoy collecting postcards like me!

Personal Messages Are Best

Handwrite your message on the postcard you are sending rather than printing out a generic message and sticking it on the back. 941 more words


C Prog to swap array using functions.

#define max 100
void input(int,int[]);
void rev(int,int[]);
void output(int,int[]);
void main()
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This car can transform in to any car

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Special effects are constantly improving and effects houses are always looking for their next tool to create the next computer generated blockbuster… 60 more words