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Breath Basics

Every living being breathes. So, all these words in my blog are for living beings, and especially for living beings with awareness : humans! Breathe does not discriminate on divisions created by humans for their selfish motives : race,religion,caste,color or creed.So, these words for all who can read and who live on this mother earth under the same Sun and Moon. 634 more words

Breathing Techniques

Catatan agustus 2014.
Yang paling menarik dan menyenangkan adalah di tanggal 18, 19 dan 20 agustus kemarin. Saya dapat kesempatan untuk berkenalan dengan beberapa teman-teman dari SWARA, bukan suara wakil rakyat, tapi Sanggar Waria Remaja.

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The Raaga Gestalt - Hold'em Swaras!

Beyond the often churned ‘swara means note in sanskrit’, how can we understand the concept of Swara and the many functions it serves in Carnatic music? 473 more words

Muslim Cleric Arrested for Presiding Over the Marriage of a 5 and 6-Year-old Girl

by, The Express Tribune | h/t Trop

SHANGLA, Pakistan: A jirga forced two young girls into marriage  under the custom of swara in Chakesar, Shangla after which police arrested 19 accused and filed a case against 28 people on Monday. 157 more words

I Was Sacrificed

I was born a girl, I loved the wide blue sky by the day and enjoyed counting stars by night. Life was beautiful and surprising every moment. 1,308 more words