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Ariel's bodice?

I did not post yesterday, because I did not want to make another pointless post about fan art of a mermaid… but then I see this shit today.. 219 more words


Buy the Fashionable Swarovski Beads from Beads Venue

Swarovski crystal tends to be one of the most sought-aftercrystal beads in the world. Beads Venue is one of the most reputed online crystal stores that offer only genuine swarovski beads in Australia.

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The magnificent Sheikh Zayed Mosque ... [Abu Dhabi / UAE]

Completed in 2007, with a capacity of over 40000 worshipers, Sheikh Zayed Mosque is just a magnificent attraction. Apparently it cost around 500 Million US Dollars and once you visit this mosque, it is easy to see “WHY”. 289 more words


What are Swarovski Crystals for Nail Art?

A Swarovski crystal Nail Art comes in different shapes and sizes with over 50 different colours. Whatever mood you are in, there are many colours to adorn your nails. 29 more words


Add Actual Breeding in Fashion by Wearing Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals, whether pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, are considered the world’s highest quality polished and machine-cut crystal beads to add actual breeding for the one who wears them. 15 more words

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Swarovski Nail Art to Make Your Nails Look Greats

Every woman likes having long natural looking beautiful nails that not only make them more attractive to the people but also makes them feel more confident. 23 more words


Spiral Ear Hangings

Item: 166-2018

Silver plated and bare copper wire wrapped spiral ear rings decorated with Swarovski (ocean blue) and orange fine crystals

Cost: INR 1280 per pair (one thousand two hundred and eighty only)

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