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The Black Pirate

If The Black Pirate isn’t the biggest, most lavish of pirate adventures from the silent era, it’s only because the technical aspects of making it were so demanding that other aspects of the film had to be scaled down a bit. 1,478 more words

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Book Review: Royal Flash, by George MacDonald Fraser

After reading (and surviving) Ready Player One, I figured I’d go with something ostensibly smarter to cleanse my literary palate, which brings us to George MacDonald Fraser’s Royal Flash. 710 more words

The Serpent's Map (Part XI)

This picks up from here.

A few days later, sitting in an open air café, the trio gather. Ramiro tosses two pouches onto the table in front of Viktoria and Graciano, accompanied by his lop-sided smile as he slumps into his chair and calls for a mug of fortified wine. 641 more words


Queen of the Seas

Best known for gritty crime films and, for better or worse, cannibal movies, Italian director Umberto Lenzi spent his early career making fun swashbuckling adventures. 2,709 more words

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Book Review: ‘The Sea-Wolf’ by Jack London

The Sea-Wolf might not get as much respect and acclaim as Jack London’s better known works White Fang and The Call of the Wild but it is on the same level and in some ways exceeds them. 279 more words


The Unbinding of Mary Reade: Miriam McNamara


Well, hoist the mainsail, stock up on rum and run up the Jolly Roger: it’s time for a swashbuckling tale of piratical adventure! And, this time, the boys don’t have all the fun. 893 more words


The Princess Bride: An Inconceivable Quickstart

Like many tabletop gamers, the film version of The Princess Bride holds a special place in the gaming table of my heart. “Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles…” What’s not to love? 2,265 more words