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I Guess "Jacopo's Ridiculous Liege" Didn't Have The Same Ring To It?

This brief post is all about showing a little appreciation for The Count of Monte Cristo, both the story written by Alexandre Dumas (which I must admit I’ve only ever read in abridged form) and the 2002 movie-version of the same tale. 337 more words


Top 25 Films Starring Basil Rathbone

I have done a list like this for Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. I am working my way through all of the legends of classic horror. 224 more words


7th Sea - System Mastery 67


No really, it’s genuine this time!  An actual review of the first edition of the famous swashbuckling RPG 7th Sea.  An interesting blend of very familiar mechanics, curious ideas for character creation, and not-Europe world building created by famous RPG advice dingus John Wick.  42 more words


The Crimson Pirate (1952)

Galleon? Check. Skull and crossbones? Check. Velvet loons? Check. Someone shouting ‘Avast’? Check. Swashbuckling? Check and check and check!!! This is one of the supreme entertainments of the studio era. 259 more words


Zultan Has Left The Building

Time for another monster to ship out. Zultan is leaving Monster HQ to visit Julia Knight, author of swashbuckling fantasy, the Duellist Trilogy. 23 more words


Not Exactly 7th Sea - System Mastery 66


April Fools!  This is really more about an hour of digressions.  People keep asking what the point is, so here’s the point of that.  Actually have you ever seen the movie “The Point?”  That was weird, right?  214 more words