In Vain

Everyone get ready. I am about to go all Catholic on you for a moment.

I don’t know if other people have a different understanding of the term “in vain” than I do, but I grew up as a Catholic and learned the Ten Commandments. 466 more words

Man Therapy: FICTION

The Atlantic made this tweet last week: 

And I thought the accompanying photo was so bizarre that I wrote this about it. This is just an exercise because this thought this was such a weird pairing. 593 more words

Beach Body Babes


I am doing a research paper and am appealing to all of you (kind and beautiful souls that you are) to take this survey and share it with friends! 15 more words


Only adults say fuck.

WARNING: This blog post contains extreme levels of coarse language.

When I was pregnant with Amazing M, I was in bliss. I wasn’t afflicted with the common nausea or major physical discomforts that usually accompany pregnancy. 890 more words


Write-up Comedy Night

I’m kind of a family-oriented kind of gal. The other day, I went over to my grandma’s, something I do about twice a year.

She’s sitting on her couch, watching television, so I sit down next to her. 499 more words


Read Psalm 129

Focus on verse 5

When I hear the word “curse” my first thought usually brings to mind the use of foul language or “curse words” as they are often called. 769 more words

Daily Devotional

Featured topic: SWEARING AT WORK

Let’s get to your questions ….

Dr. K,

I am a college student at UNCW. I have been working at a new job for a few weeks now and things have started to get awkward. 475 more words