God I love swearing, don’t you?

There’s nothing like getting your tongue round some pithy gutteral ancient Anglo Saxon to relieve stress and tension.

But did you know that swearing was introduced to these shores by the Normans, who invaded in 1492 in attempt to steal back their Danegeld? 45 more words


How to Knock £30k off your neighbours Property

Luckily for all concerned the house next door to us has been empty the entire two years I’ve lived here …. Whoever had lived there previously had obviously passed away and the family occasionally come round and have a look around ….. 523 more words

Adult Onset Tourettes

“You’ve got Tourettes – That must be Fucking hilarious!̶

My coming to terms with the arrival of TS although challenging ….I believe has been definitely made easier because I already had a supportive long standing friend base in place and I was already in a relationship – albeit only by a few weeks… 1,676 more words

Adult Onset Tourettes

Superb + Solid #4

Lorem ipsum •
Paul McCartney v. Fela Kuti •
Profanity •
Fascist haircuts •
September 18, 2001


Don’t believe the type.

Don’t steal my tattoo idea. 1,701 more words


So I actually have Tourette's 

Only having TS for 3 years my friends and my sense of self was already firmly in place

I was – as I’ve mentioned before TS .. 235 more words

Adult Onset Tourettes