Cursing, Profanity & Swearing

I consider myself to be, at least, an average swearer; that is, I can curse and swear in several languages, besides English of course. Hitchhiking down to Rome in 1971 and totally bereft of Italian – I had earlier turned down a lift to “Firenze” because I wanted to go to Florence – a truck driver educated me, along with graphic hand gestures, all the more terrifying as we both slugged down miniature bottle of Campari as we barreled down the autostrada. 400 more words

Book Stuff

Cross Tattoos; I Swear

WARNING: strong language, religion ranting, rank attitude, foul bitterness, and maybe a little bit of heresy.

My faith has always been a sore spot for me. 995 more words


IE Audio 28 : The Magic Roundabout

In which my potty-mouthed satnav tries to save me from Swindon’s finest.

Douglas John Thorp

Books and words

It was National Poetry Day today. I don’t have anything to contribute, sadly, not this year anyway.

‘Output Gaps’, my epic, Beowulf-influenced verse covering New Zealand’s post-World War Two economic travails and search for meaning, is still at a very adumbral phase of development. 627 more words


New rant video: ranting about clubbing

Right, so… I absolutely HATE clubbing

Here’s why….

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Take care chaps!

-Jay 8 more words


Why learning assertiveness will be the best thing you ever did for your depression

So I was flinging about on the DWIL forum last night, and in a fit of oppressive over-stimulation, I read someone’s advice to an original poster. 539 more words

Accursed Cursing

In Utah it is illegal to swear in front of a dead person.