I do not give a…

about your foul mouth,
nor the sh…sh.. sugar
that it spills.

The chilling words
That freeze my ears.
Frost – bite, 232 more words


New Year's Resolution Report Card

The year begins with such high hopes- and then comes the Annual Resolution Quit. In the interest of accountability, let’s do a quick progress report on my 2015 goals. 436 more words


30 Day Challenge #4: Summary

This month’s challenges came with a whole new set of lessons, and not always those originally intended.

No Swearing


“Ish” because sometimes there was just no better word… 468 more words


Swearing is Stupid

Homeschoolers don’t really swear a lot. Actually, that’s a lie, I have met some homeschoolers who swear a lot, but none of them swear like public schoolers because public schoolers swear just about every five seconds (at least, most of the public schoolers I’ve been around swear like sailors). 441 more words

Rising to the bait

Sorry I’m a bit late with this – blame the snot-fest.

I’ve been puzzling about linguistics recently…

Why do we ‘rise’ to the bait, but ‘lower ourselves’ to dignify a wind-up with a response? 693 more words


Women give more shit

The following is a guest blog post by Daniel Zuchowski.

* * *

Shit (or shite) is one of the most frequently used vulgarisms, outnumbered only by… 1,690 more words


Spill it Scarlett.

So, come on then Scarlett! It was your birthday this week, and birthday celebrations followed this weekend. I am hoping and presuming that there is some scandalous gossip you… 570 more words