Fucking Eurovision! Fucking Football!

Strap yourselves in, it’s time for the first fucking blog from The Swearing News. I’m just gonna start by saying if Eurovision isn’t your thing, scroll down a bit. 718 more words


When Kids Swear...

I never swear in front of my kids. Never. Well, maybe once when I burnt my hand on the oven and shouted “SHITE!” at the top of my voice – cue 3 confused faces staring back at me. 491 more words


Clusterboinks and clusterfornications: The children of clusterfuck

I love the word clusterfuck. It’s a perfect word for, as Jesse Sheidlower defines it in The F-Word, “a bungled or confused undertaking or situation.” That sums up approximately 91.3% of life. 358 more words


Titillating Words

My 8 year old daughter, Bailey: “Mom…do you know what tits are?”
Me: “Yes. Don’t use that word. It’s a bad word. Do you know what they are?” 743 more words


Why we still need censorship, even if, Kanye disagrees

How many f-bombs, s-bombs, a-bombs, d-bombs, l,m,n,o, p-bombs can you hear in a song lyric before wanting to tear your ears off? Some of you may not share my sentiment, but this is how I feel every time I watch an awards show these days. 454 more words

Kanye West

Australians Are Trying to Decide if It's O.K. to Swear at Sheep

A complaint by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) over the abuse of animals at a remote Australian sheep station has prompted a debate over whether sheep can be cursed at. 269 more words

Writing Fantasy Profanity

It’s writer Wednesday and today we are going to delve into the risque topic of fantasy profanity. Well, ok, it’s not all that risque. In fact, the reason many people like fantasy novels is that there is rarely ever any swearing. 506 more words