Every Other Word...

I joined a new (to me, anyway) online writing site the other day. To my horror and discomfort, (a bit of an exaggeration, really) I found the first few posts on the site, that were offered to me to read, all – every one of them – contained the “F Word” in either the title, the body of the piece, or even both. 90 more words

Bad Language

The Weight of Words

​She got up at the front of the room, holding the novel in her hands. “You want us to read the whole scene?” she asked. 430 more words


C U Next Tuesday at the Cinema

Disclaimer: coarse language ahead.

In 1939, the film Gone with the Wind sparked controversy when Rhett Butler dropped a ‘damn’ onscreen. Since then the use of profanity in cinema has only… 716 more words


Language Use and Its Fucking Relationships

Before I even get started I already know my mother is going to say, “Watch your fuckin’ mouth your grandparents read this!” Yes, I know, thanks for the warning mom. 1,195 more words


Bad {Habits} to the Bone

Okay, I’m not proud to admit it but I have a couple of bad habits.
Hey, don’t judge me! You have some too! Everyone has them. 620 more words


Jesus in the Ball Game

The amount of times I’ve heard people cuss and swear and use the Lord’s name in vain during a football match. It’s quite staggering. Appealing to Jesus because the referee gave someone a yellow card, then appealing to God Almighty when it’s a red, and words I cannot describe when it’s a straight red. 330 more words