IronSide The Axe:

There lives a man from a small town,

His name spoken far and wide,

At home they call him Bobby Brown,

Out here he’s known as IronSide. 255 more words


F**k, fudge, frick, fug, flip, fiddlesticks…

Swearing’s an issue for Young Adult writers. Put it in and your books may not be acceptable to the gatekeepers – the publishers and librarian and parents who seek to make sure our children’s minds remain unsullied by the seamier elements of adult life (good luck with that!). 1,253 more words

The Fine Art of Cursing

Warning: Crude language ahead.

This might not be a long post because it feels like a simple topic.  Just like sex and violence, cursing is a personal preference category.   433 more words


Potty Mouthed... Potty Words!

*Does contain many swear words

This week, I’m wanting to talk about the filthy words inside of my books. A friend recently told me how shocked she was to find out how much Jessica, from Famously Yours, swore. 575 more words


The Other F-word

I have a confession to make. Seeing that I’m not Catholic and am extremely adverse to sitting in small rooms talking to strange men, I will make my public confession here. 484 more words


31 Shearing Mick's sheep

This is one of my very first posts when I started. So some of you will have read it before. Not to worry. Read it again. 924 more words


I swear all the time, it’s terrible really. I don’t just use these expletives out of frustration, like if I stub my toe, or bang my head. 387 more words