It was like shooting Myself.

I called you ‘cunt’ when you got home.

I think it was anger

And rejection

But the word felt true.

You didn’t react at all. 25 more words

Creative Writing

It is what goes out that makes unclean

Built by Steyr-Puch for Mercedes-Benz. The G-Klasse G350 Bluetec, better known as Geländewagen. It uses urea, carried in a bottle with a blue cap. Exhaust fumes become harmless nitrogen and water. 52 more words

Faith In Yahshua Aka Jesus

This innocent little bird has emerged from her crib

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” Carl Jung

The kid is an unfolding treasure. This week she gets an award for being the 4 school values of compassion, respect, integrity and kindness. 47 more words


Melbourne Theatre Company’s play ‘SHIT’- Review

“They have shit, and we have shit.
It’s all just different shit.”

‘SHIT’ is Dee & Cornelius’ contribution to the Neon Festival of Independent Theatre… 301 more words


cursing is like food and sex: enjoyable.

apparently i should like apologize for using the word ‘cunt.’ whoops. there i go again, using a word that makes people uncomfortable. my thoughts on that: 362 more words

Just The Blog


You know how swearing is something that a lot of people look down upon? I don’t understand it. And here’s my reason why I don’t understand something like this. 351 more words

Verbal intelligence

I strikes me that being sworn at by van and truck drivers is a function of their limited ability to parse their environs or see reason or appreciate any sense of sharing or good will to their common man. 162 more words