'Sects Tuesday 01/17/2017

*What’s going on here? Is it for shock value? Is there a plan? Are we, yet again, jumping the shark? Maybe…


Weight Loss Tip #1

Know what this is?

That’s right a big cup full of fuck off and mind your own business.

I made one the other day and my husband pronounced it full of sin, seeing as we are both trying to get healthier.   34 more words

Lighter Side


La importancia del lenguaje, la ortografía y otras disciplinas asociadas a esto. Además de la respuesta a: why do I write in english sometimes?



Dulled and devastated by The Donald, I turn to trivia and pedantry. But funnily enough, with third novel in the making, second out on subs and waiting…waiting….and all writing about (well okay with plenty of black humour) mental illness and incarceration and the role of the storyteller in preserving our sanity in a mordant world and a Welsh reworking of… 559 more words

Let Sleeping Squirrels Lie

That’s assorted punctuation, not swearing. Unless you want it to be swearing. In which case, you pick you’re own swear word.

Over the Hedge: Quality interactive profanity since 1995

Comic Commentary

Who, What, When, Swear, and Why

Now it’s the little one. Remember we had a couple of incidents a while back in which Stella was really embracing her potty mouth? Specifically, she illustrated the depth of her knowledge of the F-bomb, correctly using it in noun and adjective form. 405 more words