River of Darkness

Potential triggers found in the movie, River of darkness, are gore, body horror, blood, bodies/corpses, death, murder, swearing, slurs, and guns.

Thank you to one of our authors, Raelyn, for your submission. 28 more words


10 Ways From Sunday

There’s a thin line between wanting your children to be safely quarantined against the harsh world and wanting them to be prepared to hold their own in a landscape that is shifting, and increasingly for the worse. 533 more words


Jumping on the Banned Wagon

This weekend just gone, revelers, ravers and rapscallions attending the Secret Garden Party festival in Cambridgeshire were given the option to have their drugs tested for free. 1,237 more words



Potential triggers in the movie, Autumn, are blood, body horror, cannibalism, death, gore, serious injury, swearing, slurs, m… 44 more words


I Swear....

So I have a ‘potty’ mouth. I am a terrible swearer. I curse a lot. Particularly in the car.

Of course I tried to moderate this behaviour when the kids were little and I think I did an OK job. 567 more words


Hello, it's me

Ha ha ha, I’ve called my new blog Hand Shandy. That’s a euphemism for wank, which is what this glorious, syrupy user-generated content is going to be. 228 more words


I Swear I Didn't Mean It... (with a Free New Short Story!)

A quick post to share the article I’ve just written for the ALLi Author Advice Centre on the use of bad language in fiction

Do you give a damn whether there is swearing in the stories you read? 274 more words