A Farewell To Cheese

It’s probably privileged, but today I’m thankful I have such a variety of meatless foods to enjoy.

I’ve mentioned I suffered an autoimmune issue around Christmas.  132 more words


For my People

There’s that moment you just feel that you and another person are going to get along. My moment usually comes in the form of swearing.


I am giving up for Lent.

Chocolate. Smoking. Facebook.
Soda.  Pizza.  Swearing.
Smart Phone. Complaining. TV.

What are you giving up for Lent?

Alcohol. Procrastinating. Fast food.
Shopping.   Salt.  Red Meat. 345 more words



In the last post we looked at ways in which women use, and are judged for using, so called ‘bad language’ while earlier posts addressed the… 604 more words


Rooftop, van swears and Mildred's

Standing on the roof – almost looking at a London skyline. Always feels rebellious being on a roof.

More colleagues bonding. This time in a van.

Mildred’s. Finally. Very yummy.


Hi, welcome to my blog Nobody Told Me!

Thank you for taking a moment to cast your eyes over it… However, I feel it’s important to mention that if you are easily offended it’s probably best not to read on much further. 369 more words


Much Ado About Cussing

“When a gentleman is disposed to swear, it is not for any standers-by to curtail his oaths.” (Shakespeare 2.1.10-11).

Isn’t it the best when your professor freely curses while lecturing? 1,399 more words