What the PHUCK?!

For the luddites out there who hate social media and proclaim it to be the end of meaningful discourse, I offer you this story, which to me summarizes all that is great about the Twitterverse (and conveniently omits all of the bad). 404 more words


A Preacher in THAT show? : AKA, What Would Jesus Mock?

Nearly anyone who has ever met as an adult says some variation of this: “you’re not the usual pastor.” I suppose not, though that is becoming less and less true. 1,607 more words

Steve McLendon: "Take this $%&# seriously!"

Steve McLendon has a lot on his plate this season.  He’s the second-oldest starter on a youthful Pittsburgh defense, he’s playing for a new contract and as the nose tackle, he’s occupying arguably the most important position on Pittsburgh’s defensive roster. 183 more words

This Happened

My First College Class: Part II, Long Overdue

Has the suspense been killing you? Eh, me neither. Because it’s quite obviously, really. I’m the naive one.

Right, so apparently we’re allowed to swear in the real world. 480 more words

A ruddy good read. Filthy English; The how why and what of everyday swearing by Peter Silverton. Review.

I was gifted this book for my Christmas a few years ago and it has been my water closet reading of choice ever since. 1,000 or so days of snatched consumption later and I’m ready to share with you how colossal an achievement the writing of this essential book is for anyone who has any curiosity at all in the use and etymology of language. 269 more words

Sweary as fuck

A friend who attended one of the Grateful Dead’s Fare Thee Well concerts in late June came back with a fashion report. No, it wasn’t about tie-dyed peasant skirts or blinged-out Birkenstocks. 765 more words


"Fuck you, big tittie bitch"

No story today.

No prompt.

No imagining, no inventing.

Just rage.

Rage, that after a long day at work taking care of people, all I want to do is put my feet up and watch some TV with Husband. 872 more words