I like to complain and yell at other drivers, while driving. Which is not bothering anyone, as I am almost always by myself in my little car. 227 more words

On How It Is

How (not) to Curse in Slovene Language

A while ago I was hanging out with a group of people from all around the world and somehow we’ve came to talk about our native languages, more specific about the swear words and phrases.  247 more words


Oh no

At the ripe age of 23 months, my first born can now say Fuck. Before she can say Nana.

I take full responsibility, and it is not something I am proud of. 125 more words


From "The Imaginative and the Imaginary"

Not only the most fascinating play of the period, but its greatest prose work (in England), has melancholy for its theme. Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy…

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Arts And Culture

Group Think

It seems to me the modern day lynch mobs are growing at an alarming rate. Without even trying to be involved in any of the issues, they are forced upon me. 387 more words


The Butthole Game

Keep your hands to yourself. It is the number one rule. One of many that they ignore constantly. I’m not entirely sure why I try to maintain any respectable behavior at all. 880 more words


On Hands And Knees (My Violent Heart)

Expressing myself has become increasingly difficult as I fluctuate through high and low poles of bipolar and also battle the constant hummingbird flitting of Borderline Personality Disorder. 452 more words