Dear Anna,

I’m sorry. I lost my way. I never thought you would get hurt in the process, if I had any clue I would have never gone to Georgia. 316 more words

Gold Plated

The following short story was based on the visual writing prompt of the swamp.  While everyone in my writing circle wrote lovely stories, mostly fantasy, that would delight readers of any genre, I took one look at the picture and decided upon a different tale.  583 more words

Read & Relax

Good granny, Bad granny. Part 1

Lil’s trip to the west coast of America causes her to re think her values of swearing and being a grandmother, much to the consternation of her long suffering daughter and son in law… 493 more words


Four-letter Words

Is is possible to not use any “four-letter” words? Linda Hill’s prompt for today is “four-letter” words. Here’s the place to see her prompt:

http://lindaghill.com/2015/08/28/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-august-2915/ 987 more words


Shamone: The Definition

“What does ‘shamone’ mean, Mummy?” asked Maxi as I drove her home from Cubs, shrieking along to some Scissor Sisters song on the radio.

I took a deep breath, remembered that it was only me and Maxi in the car, and launched into a complicated explanation. 253 more words


Short guide to Romanian curse words

Right. This has nothing to do with anime, manga or anything otaku, but I said that I will introduce you, guys, to the vast world of Romanian curse words. 543 more words