Sweet Little Lies

If this research is to be believed, I must be the most honest person that ever lived:

The More You Swear, the More Honest You Are… 667 more words

Awesome Stuff


Millie was doing the usual morning autopsy of the previous night’s antics. It was simple really: get the poor guy on a gossip slab and dissect him with chavtastic chatter for girlie enjoyment. 949 more words


Fork, yeah!

I swear. A lot. I didn’t always have a filthy mouth, but, once I started, I swore loudly and often (my parents were so proud). My favorite word started with an f and ended in a k. 751 more words


Ouch it hurts...

Crap, crap, fuckety, fuck my bum hurts.

I do not know which one of these is worse having slipped down the fucking stairs

When My Mouth Gets Me In Trouble...

People who know me, will admit, that I like to swear. Idk if it’s really that I like to swear or if I just find myself swearing a lot in order to emphasize my point but yeah I use a lot of swear words. 463 more words

The Duality of Cussing

I grew up in a bilingual household. No big deal. But, it’s not what you think– like Spanish, French, German, Hindi, or Hebrew. No. I cuss in filter and unfiltered language. 664 more words


Harry #2

“I miss my monkey.”

Clearly all the Puka Puka’s had gone to my head because I’m sure I had just heard Harry #2 say that he missed HIS monkey. 1,576 more words