Sun, Gabby and bollocks

Sunny office at LCR.
Lunch with Gabby
Norwood swearing.

Day 26 (Warning: Lots of swearing)

A delayed post today because it has been a tumultuous morning. Where to begin… Last night my phone got super broken at work and I was unable to get into it to be able to see text messages or calls or anything at all. 660 more words

P is for Piss Off

Oh my, oh my. This has totally made my day!

This is apparently a wet-suit shampoo which I’m sure is a very useful product for wet-suits wearers (not me). 115 more words


Pinky Promise

“Promise?” My girlfriend, later my wife, asked.

“Yes, I promise.”

“Pinky promise?”

“Pinky promise?” I had never heard of such a thing. She explained that two people would lock pinkies to seal the promise. 213 more words

Update: week 1

It’s been a busy old week. I felt like I’d made LOADS of progress on the challenges but I just looked at the full list again and realised how much there is to get through. 595 more words


Bitch? You bet.

Bitch (adjective): literally meaning ‘female dog’, is a slang pejorative for a person, commonly a woman, who is belligerent, unreasonable, malicious, a control freak, rudely intrusive or aggressive. 386 more words

Don't Pitty Me

I am just another random woman with a random blog. A place to vent and call my own where no one knows me. Not like cheers where everyone knows your name. 155 more words