I HATE my body...

… at the moment. I hate the fact that it picks up weight so dang quick, I hate that NO ONE sees it but me (and my older brother… who has gives 0… 652 more words

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Immortal Drift

Immortal Drift
D. Paul Angel
646 Words

“Well the centrifuge part is certainly new. I’ll give you that. I’m pulling what, seven gee’s?”

“Six point nine one.” 651 more words


The Intention Behind The Words

I previously wrote a post called ‘Use Your Words (With Care)‘ where I mentioned that saying nothing at all can sometimes be more damaging than what could have been said. 843 more words

Random Thought

The "F" Word Makes Me Happy

I remember when I was a kid and hearing my mom swear. She was raised as a very prim and proper catholic girl so the one or two curse words she managed to get out only made me laugh at her attempt to be cool. 472 more words


gratitude-a-thon day 581: fucking right

This morning a fourth friend messaged me informing me, via this article, that those who love to swear do not do so because of a poor vocabulary, a disdainful character, or a “Mommy Dearest” upbringing. 285 more words

Live Blog: Pigalinas at The Dickies

We are at an R18 punk gig with F and C bombs flying. A lady and her approximately 10 year old son just came in. I can’t decide if this is terrible or awesome parenting. 52 more words



There’s a guy here at the office. We talked, and somehow religion topic has popped up. As a matter of fact and by my shame, I kind of avoid this subject when talking to people. 624 more words