Lucifer fanfic part 4

By the time she’d gotten home Alice was so frazzled that she just fell into bed, something she vaguely regretted when she woke up. She cleaned and healed up the cuts but left the bruise as she’d already been seen with it and its sudden disappearance would raise questions, though she did dull the pain somewhat. 3,540 more words


Kids say the darndest things.

As we draw ever closer to Christmas and being constantly reminded by my daughter every waking minute, its made me reflect on how much more aware of it all she is this year. 212 more words

What Guys Want You To Know...

Oh my gosh get this! So I asked tons of super hot guys what tips they would give girls or what they wish all girls knew. 528 more words


Thanksgiving Is the Perfect Time To Think About Our Words and Language Part 2

Yesterday in church it came to me what I can do when people use the Lord’s name as an exclamation or curse. 

I can say, “I’m so glad you brought Him up!  58 more words


Research reveals top five local roads you can’t say out loud without adding an expletive

Research into local traffic patterns and the impact they have on motorists has revealed the top five local roads that can’t be said out loud without adding an expletive. 157 more words


Navigating ‘bad’ language

Hearing children use swear words or ‘bad’ language can bring up some pretty big reactions for many adults.

It can draw us into our old childhood wounds, feelings of powerlessness and throw us into a spiral of power over our children through judgment/ threats/ shame/ punishment. 442 more words

Lightfilled Parenting

Thanksgiving Is the Perfect Time To Think About Our Words and Language

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to think about the language we use and should be using.  Here’s an idea I had:

Thanksgiving is the perfect time… 23 more words

Finding The Good In LIfe