The first time that he noticed her it was… rather unimpressive, if he was honest. Life-changing first meetings of this manner are often described with heavy emotions, drawn out stares, pounding hearts and shaky legs. 1,033 more words


Orwellian Proposal To Limit Free Speech And Expression In Derby And Other Parts Of The UK...

The Facts…

  • On 10th March 2017, The Derby Telegraph published an article titled “We want £100 fines for people who swear in Derby city centre”.
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Once more, with feeling: life as bilingual

Wilhelmiina Toivo, an ESRC-funded PhD student from the University of Glasgow, was joint winner of Making Sense of Society, the ESRC’s writing competition 2017 in partnership with SAGE Publishing. 817 more words

Writing Competition

Vagrant Too many open files - getcwd

My rule-of-thumb approach to issues in terminal is to kill the process, quit terminal and restart my MAC. If that fails, I call an exorcist and retire to a safe distance and assume the recovery position. 458 more words

Things I Feel Embarrassed To Share As They Reveal The Depth Of My Ignorance

Steve Smith under fire for uttering phrase used at least a dozen times in every suburban game ever

Steve Smith has drawn criticism overnight after being caught on camera mouthing the words “f#$%ing cheat” in reference to Indian player Murali Vijay after yet another eventful day’s play in the current Australia versus India Test Series. 256 more words


Children dropping the F-bomb?!

Children swearing is one of those jaw dropping moments when you’re not quite sure if you should laugh or scowled them.

I’m guilty of laughing at those extremely unexpected moments from the most innocent children who slip out a swear word. 505 more words


Oh Shit, what's she saying?

A friend of mine suggested I start a blog and being of the (self-imposed) opinion that I’m literally the funniest person ever; I agreed.

I have been thinking about it recently anyway as I’ve started on my journey as a Vegan – OHDEARGODNOSHESAIDTHEVWORD. 146 more words