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Green Visitor in the Gaillardia

A green metallic sweat bee visits one of the many Gaillardia flowers in the Audubon House pollinator garden.


Metallic Green Bees

Bees of many kinds visit our backyard garden on sunny autumn afternoons — and not all are black and yellow!  I think one of the prettiest is the metallic green bee, which is a type of tiny sweat bee in the (family Halictidae).  246 more words

Saint Paul, MN

Small Science

I love bees. This semester I’m taking a course called “Forest and Shade Tree Entomology” which has nothing to do with bees, but we are making an insect collection and therefor I am entitled to a few little fuzzy hymenoptera in my collection. 72 more words


WPC - Quest For Food - Photography

Sweat bee searches for sweets.

Buffalo and turkey share some grass.

The ultimate quest.

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Bumblebees, Sweat Bees and Wild Flowers

Bees are everywhere in this weather, especially along the banks of the Delaware and Raritan canal. A few days ago, they were very busy visiting all the flowers growing wild, fulfilling their role of pollinators for the many fruit to come in the fall. 17 more words



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