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Pollen Overload #1

A green metallic Sweat Bee’s back legs are loaded with pollen as it forages through the gaillardia flowers in the Audubon House pollinator garden at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area (ORCA).


Metallic Bee Gathering Pollen

A Halictid Bee, commonly called a Sweat Bee, gathers pollen in the pollinator garden at Audubon House. These somewhat solitary bees often live in burrows they dig in the ground and are important pollinators for native plants.


World Bee Day

Time To Recognize Our Little Friends

The United Nation has designated May 20 as World Bee Day and this year is the first observance of this day.   347 more words


Week 41 - Robin

A male agapostemon splendens or “sweat bee”. They like human sweat apparently. I never knew that… Thank you Google. :) They are flashy and pretty like they are dressed up for Mardi Gras! 16 more words


Waimakariri River, Trip #56

We had another enjoyable trip to the Waimakariri River, and finally managed to be there on a warm sunny day (27 Nov 2017). We spent less time looking for aquatic species, and more on the terrestrial creatures that are active on sunny days. 342 more words

Trip Report

Segmented Body

A segmented body is a division of an animal’s body plan in which the body is divided into multiple functional units. The three sections of this bee are the head, thorax, and abdomen. 19 more words


A Small Beauty: Purple Milkwort

As we walked the path between the woods and the meadow at the Pole Farm section of Mercer Meadows, Wood Nymphs flitted in and out of the foliage, Monarchs flew by, some mating, and a Clouded Sulphur dipped into the path to lay eggs, the tip of her abdomen touching the leaves of White Clover for a split second each. 693 more words

Native Plants