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Heed: a state of awareness of the presence roots of the future; an extension of bodily space into time. To take heed of something is to enter this state. 30 more words

Word Origins

Of Photos and Insects: The Collecting Impulse

As someone relatively new to the world of insects, I am still not comfortable with the common practice of collecting specimens.  From the more practical matters of preserving specimens to the collector’s challenge of the search and chase, it has not interested me; and in fact, it has always struck me as a morbid exercise. 602 more words

Macro Photography

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bee

The calendar indicates that we are well into autumn, but this metallic green sweat bee (genus Agapostemon) that I observed on Friday at Huntley Meadows Park… 42 more words


Feasting on Green-headed Coneflower

How many flowers do you see in the photo below?

If you said one, that’s the answer I was looking for. However, it’s not correct! 825 more words