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Oh, don't you love the smell of 2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline?

Today, a marketing lesson from the kiddo:

What he is talking about, here, is the role of smell as a stimulus.

Smell (and other stimuli like colour, temperature, or sounds) can create an affective response in shoppers. 179 more words

Marketing In Everyday Life

India- sloth vs sweat

I know i have started too late on this blog, it should have started like an year ago. I have been so caught up in stuff and plus when in India, I kind of get the sloth here. 670 more words


Product Review: Degree Motionsense Dry Spray

I received this new antiperspirant to try for free. This is my honest opinion of how I feel about the product. The antiperspirant is spray on and is the latest line of protection from Degree. 78 more words

Meet Stacey, YBD Teacher of the Month!

We are super grateful to have this talented yogini in our Yoga by Degrees community. She conducts her well-orchestrated yoga class with grace, power, and confidence. 366 more words

Event Recap: Bootcamp at Bandier with Holly Rilinger

Maybe you know her as a face of Nike… Maybe you’ve taken one of her classes at Flywheel Sports… maybe you’ve seen her on Bravo’s… 477 more words

You Asked: Why Does My Face Turn Red When I Exercise?

Stand outside a Flywheel or CrossFit studio, and a stream of sweaty, red-hued faces will eventually stagger out. You may have noticed the same unsubtle rouging of your own cheeks after a long run or bike ride. 491 more words

Workout Wednesday: Plyometric Pyramid

Once upon a time, there was something called “jump training.” Nowadays we know this kind of exercise as plyometrics, or “plyos.” Plyometrics involve dynamic movements where your muscles exert maximum force over short time intervals. 282 more words