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Motivation from motivationalmoments

Greatness. Success. We want it for our lives, our families, and especially for our businesses. But it is not something that just happens, no matter how much we hope, pray, send out positive thoughts, and expect it. 76 more words


Holiday Tips

Holiday season is heavily upon us! Thanksgiving came and went and in the coming weeks there will be holiday party after holiday party after holiday party and before we know it, it’s New Year’s Eve and we’re making resolutions to undo the damage we’ve done to our bodies from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. 518 more words

The New Lifestyle - Training for the all around life.

My vision is to help others train for the all around life. Where the goal is to take your lifestyle and expand its horizons so you are able to do anything you want to do. 244 more words


Keepupblog #1

Saturday 28th November 2015

Up at 5.30am (set by my natural body clock!) with a hazelnut coffee and my book – bliss! What a lovely feeling to not have to rush around on a Saturday morning! 203 more words

Food And Fitness

Post T-day TRX workout 

How was your thanksgiving?  Are you stuffed?  Despite the rain and the The Dallas Cowboys let down and poor Tony Romo’s injury, we had a beautiful day!   159 more words

Bringing Sweaty Back

You can THANK me later - Pre-turkey workout & video 

Workout warriors, it’s here!  I know you have been anxiously awaiting the PRE- Turkey Burn 2015 workout!  Get off your bum, get out of the kitchen or the bed, get off of the couch, and get a move on.  161 more words

Bringing Sweaty Back