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the big 5-0...I mean 5-7

I’ve been quiet lately.  Mostly because my life has been a little bit hectic.  One day last week, I posted a video to my Facebook.  I recorded it while I was out walking and doing math in my head (you know, like you do) and realized I was only one pound away from a major milestone. 237 more words


Blood and Scent

When blood has dried on cloth it turns brown. The shirt of yours I wear to bed is splotched with your blood. Your mother said it was chocolate but you didn’t like chocolate much. 291 more words

Workout Wednesday Whoops. 

Well lovelies, I failed to post workout Wednesday.

So here’s today’s workout.
I’ve been sweating it out like crazy this week. It is hot hot hot. 56 more words

First week so far

So last night was my 3rd class. This exercise thing isn’t new to me. A few years ago I got bitten by the fitness bug….bad. I spent a fortune on supplements, powders, spend most nights in the gym and lost a power of weight. 355 more words

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PlateFit - West Hollywood

Class: Platefit
Sweat Status: Pretty sweaty for a 30 minute class
Class Time: 30 minutes
Next Day Soreness: Medium
Water Situation… 295 more words


Hot Cocoa Hump Day

I’ve just stirred half a packet of hot cocoa mix into the mug of hot water that is now too hot to drink and I stare, waiting, as it emanates warmth onto my arms- reaching around the mug to type in data and reconfigure spreadsheets. 56 more words