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Sweat: the perfume of life in the USA

Sweat: the perfume of happy work. Glorious days spent outside working in the garden, a brisk evening stroll on a muggy night, a rainy day indoors culling so-called junk to give or sell, a jog beside your child as he rides his bike – tossing mud upon his legs as he barrels into a grimy puddle giggling and looking back to gauge your expesssion. 237 more words



A stranger’s armpit,
half seven on a Monday –
funky Tokyo life


Run For Your Life

Fact: A human can outrun a horse over a marathon.

Remember the man who can run forever, Dan Karnazes? He might be unusual, but it turns out us humans have evolved to be the masters of long distance running. 253 more words



I swatted at that same gnat for the hundredth time today. They don’t bite, at least I don’t think they bite; but they bug me; yeah, I get why they are called bugs. 831 more words

Day 5: Running at Night

As my feet pound the asphalt

As sweat glazes my body

I run into a void of darkness

My mind is empty

My heart racing yet at ease… 95 more words

Project #1

A weekend 'Inipi' sweat lodge retreat

All life is dynamic. Just as a flowing wood grain seamlessly merges with a knotty spiral, likewise, even the densest aspects of our realities actually move when observed up close. 1,146 more words


Scribble Series #7

I have been standing for almost a couple hours. This is getting harder for me by the minute. I can feel cold sweat trickling in slow motion down the sides of my cheeks, and patches of sweat on my eyebrows, tickling me uncomfortably. 327 more words

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