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5 things that can create better sports photographs

Every year the Picture of the Year International (POYi) competition comes to the Missouri School of Journalism. This event is often something on the hidden journalism student bucket list to complete before graduation. 799 more words


3 rounds of

1) Dive bombers – 10 
2) burpees – 5 
3) squat leg lift – 40 
4) burpees – 5 
5) side plank lifts – 10/10  8 more words

Loosen Up - Luck for LA Marathon

In honor of the 31st annual LA Marathon this coming Sunday, February 14, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite stretches for you runners to get ready for the race! 371 more words


Wear your sweat with pride

OMG… Hot weather and my sweat glands sooo do not get along… I melt like an ice cube in 110 degree heat… I hate it… it is sooo embarrassing to be standing in the middle of a group of people enjoying the breezy 70 degree weather, and there I am in shorts and tank top, and flip flops… drowning in sweat… Sweat that increases with anger, tears, and especially anxiety… Anxiety that hits me at every turn… 277 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

30 Days of Hymns, the Sacred Triad, the Morrigan #2: Blood

Hail to thee,
Bloodied Sovereign
Wind-Waked Warrior
standing tall
with knees bloodied
feet deep in the mud
to the blood I sing your praises
to the tune of my own heart’s beat… 116 more words

The Morrigan

It is only the hair on the goat's body that hides the fact that the goat is also sweating!!!

It is only the hair on the goat’s body that hides the fact that the goat is also sweating.
– Igbo Proverb

Posted by Damian@8wdee.com

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