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Light Leg Day


– 20 minutes of stretching the entire lower body

– Light weight seated calf raises

– Brisk treadmill walk for 15-20 minutes

Hello again! You’ve almost made it through the week. 145 more words


And 1, 2, 3, 4, up....

Following with the new and improved daily themes, it is Wellness Wednesday! Tonight, I’m be talking about my new fitness obsession: spin.

Recently, my roommate and I have started attending classes at… 150 more words

37.86 Blood Sweat and TearsĀ 

Blood Sweat and Tears

by Jason Tomlinson

Nobody told me – I knew because I was hurt

and the blood that my wounds supplied was poetry on the dirt… 63 more words


Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends!

This morning I had time to workout before class. On a regular Wednesday I have class at 9:45, but I didn’t have to rush off to class this morning, it was so nice. 251 more words


Winter Wonder

I had awoke this morning, slightly groggy, but excited for a FULL day of busyness. I was to be off to Lunenburg for 2 hours to teach two fitness classes back-to-back at emOcean, head back to town to get my oil changed in my car, run some errands while doing so, then back to Lunenburg for a member orientation followed by 2 MORE classes back-to-back! 362 more words


2/22--death defying workout

I used to go to a great workout class every Sunday and then I started getting horrible headaches afterward that would knock me out of commission for the rest of the day. 110 more words