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Cycling a sweat

I’ll be honest, I have never been the most fit person.  When it comes to working out, I usually go on the treadmill till I shed one little tear of sweat and then I’m done.   392 more words

Random Talks


As we slowly enter the summer months, we’ve been doing some thinking about what exercise means to us. While a number of people that work for this company are quite speedy, there are many, many more of us who use running and exercise as a few different things: 214 more words



HTO: With Summer just at our finger tips, and the Hamptons in our backyard, city dwellers are going to be packing up their bags to head out East.  572 more words

It's What I Do

Yesterday was hot; today
Was warm (or less hot, anyway).
Tomorrow should be cooler still.
Will I still sweat? You bet I will!


Montgomery Glands

What is Montgomery glands? Transition between mammary glands and sweat glands form Montgomery glands, which are also considered as sebaceous The post Montgomery Glands appeared first on eHealthHall.com – Health & Medical Articles.

Surge Pricing

Oh…oh no never mind. I was looking at a smallgoods website. I just got 10% off some triple-smoked.


This is embarrassing

So, this is hard to talk about because it’s kinda gross.

I very obviously have belly fat. Mine hangs low. It’s hot out and I’m a fully endowed member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which means under my clothes I wear an extra layer of clothing. 228 more words