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Sweater Weather

I don’t know what the weather has been like everywhere else, but in California, we’ve been hit by some real sweater weather the past week. Sorry to all of our visitors and tourists, we know you came here on account of sunny beach weather, but sweater weather or sun, California still has its amazing perks. 18 more words


Brandied Cherry progress

After the fighting words of my last post, some of you may be thinking ‘so she can talk the talk, but can she walk the walk?’… well I give you a progress update: 318 more words

Sweater Weather

Ok so it’s that awkward time of year going into Summer with the occasional heat wave days but most often a season of totally unpredictable weather, with possible rain one minute and sun the next. 137 more words



I was so thoroughly pleased to celebrate Thanksgiving as I was abroad in Paris last year. It is my favorite holiday. I love coming together over a meal and enjoying joyous moments with family. 80 more words

Pie A La Mode

Sweater Weather

It is true, friends, that Sweater Weather can really be any time of the year if you wish. But for me the best days of Sweater Weather are early Fall and Early Spring, and as we find ourselves plopped lovingly down in the beginnings of what hopefuly will become a bright and sunny and sometimes rainy Spring, Sweater Weather has graced its presence upon us. 255 more words


The 5 Part III

Sorry for the mini hiatus, I have had this one in the works for a week or so now but left it hanging dry thanks to Easter and what not! 1,008 more words


Monday Mixtape

So here are a few tunes that i’m really into at the moment. Sorry if you are not into this kind of music this is just my recent vibes (love that word, haha). 58 more words