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9 Reasons To Be Forever Thankful That The Devil's Season Is Over And Fall Is Almost Here

1. Sweaters.

Why are comfy sweaters the best thing to ever exist?! Why do they make me feel suddenly very, very loved and understood? I’m all for crop tops and high waisted shorts, but I can’t deny my undying love for big, shapeless sweaters. 316 more words

Cloud Escape

I decided to really get into winter knitting this year. I usually only manage one or two sweaters every winter, and I don’t have a chance to enjoy them for more than a few weeks before it’s time to pack them away. 447 more words


Dreaming of Autumn

It’s inevitable, every summer around this time I begin to dream of Autumn. It’s my favorite time of year and seems to bring me new beginnings. 6 more words


Awaiting New Stuff & A New Season

Hello Friends,

It has been a good summer! I got to get away for a while in one of my favorite spots; South Carolina with my wonderful husband and family. 358 more words


Awesome Artists: The Neighbourhood

It’s almost time to start getting a little crazy and focus on a few things that are really important, no work, hanging with your buds and enjoying the weekend! 325 more words


Let It Rain

How has it been, Nomad? Our days have been constantly battling ourselves from sleeping in given out fickle weather. The cool morning breeze makes you just want to sleep in most days. 161 more words


Does he walk around all day at school with his feet inside your shoes?

As the summer winds down we start to think of Autumn, and for some school.  Not that this is something I consciously think about, although with this post I realized I have not been school shopping in ten years.   337 more words