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New York City Mini Haul

I love this blazer!!! I don’t know if it’ll look good on me but I like it so I bought it. I think it’ll look good unbuttoned with a black shirt and black pants and black shoes. 197 more words


A Sweater Dilemma

This should be a YAY! moment…..and yet, even though I finished the knitting and bind-off of my Harvest Cardigan on April 14th, there’s also a dilemma. 184 more words


Knit the Look: The Crown's cardigans

I’ve heard it said that Neflix’s spectacular “The Crown” has the biggest budget of any TV series in history, and it’s easy to believe — the sheer number of extras, sets, locations, costumes. 245 more words


Queue Check — April 2018

My little sweatshirt-style sweater vest is coming along, as you can see. Between the stockinette doldrums of it, and working too many late nights the past few weeks, it’s taking longer than it rightly should. 302 more words


FO: Infinity School cardigan

Look what I’ve just finished last week (and it’s my firt FO post on here!):

The infinity war cardigan! Or better, the Infinity School Cardigan, I told you guys that… 361 more words