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Knit the Look: The Crown's cardigans

I’ve heard it said that Neflix’s spectacular “The Crown” has the biggest budget of any TV series in history, and it’s easy to believe — the sheer number of extras, sets, locations, costumes. 245 more words


Queue Check — April 2018

My little sweatshirt-style sweater vest is coming along, as you can see. Between the stockinette doldrums of it, and working too many late nights the past few weeks, it’s taking longer than it rightly should. 302 more words


FO: Infinity School cardigan

Look what I’ve just finished last week (and it’s my firt FO post on here!):

The infinity war cardigan! Or better, the Infinity School Cardigan, I told you guys that… 361 more words


Style Series: 5 Items You Need In Your Winter Wardrobe

As we descend into the last dregs of this lovely sunny weather, we should start thinking about our winter wardrobe. And considering this year is supposed to be one of the coldest winter’s on record for Australia (we’ll see about that), here’s a couple of tips for having the perfect wardrobe to battle the cold and still look fab. 597 more words


Pattern: Arete

Continuing my recent obsession with linen and open front cardigans, I give you this lil piece. No lie, this yarn had been sitting in my stash for a couple years, but I finally found the perfect use for it! 1,031 more words


What I Know About: Gansey origins (with Deb Gillanders)

When I first posted that seemingly innocuous photo of Daniel Day-Lewis wearing his splendid gansey, I did not imagine anything like where it has led. 2,112 more words