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Proving my love ... 

After this one NO ONE will EVER question my love for Libs. Not. Ever.

Libs wanted to cycle at the gym tonight. She had never cycled on a stationary bike so instead of going to pilates and yoga tonight we decided to cycle and run instead. 127 more words


What is Palmer Hyperhidrosis, Continued?

Palmer Hyperhidrosis is continued from last week. Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that causes perspiration far greater than the physiological needs of the body.  Although no one knows why some individuals sweat excessively, it is known that the sweating is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.   187 more words


30 Day Challenge #10: Introduction

It’s the last challenge of my year of 30’s!!!!

First: An update. I paused the ninth challenge. In truth, I stopped it. I considered continuing but the renovation took so much out of me that I needed recouping time, living in a new place put a weird strain on routines that no longer worked, and it got way too cold for me to look forward to swimming. 497 more words


Fri 11Sep15 The hidden Sun Yat Sen garden in Central

Lan Kwai Fong – it is a must visit for a first time visitor to Hong Kong. However, after seeing it once, it is not worth fighting the drunken crowds for everything from taxis, to bar stools and paying out the nose for over priced drinks. 203 more words

Thanks to Dance...

Thanks to dance….

  • sometimes I get home and realize I forgot to take off my kneepads, and taking off my leotard-shorts-kneepads-pants combo is impossible and I fall asleep on my floor.
  • 202 more words

My Ponytail drip

Yesterday ran like a bad movie that wouldn’t stop.

In my bull headed fashion, I pushed back with all my might and ended up a mess by the end of the day. 105 more words


Thoughts I have while running

I am not a runner, I am just not. However, I was training for a 5k with my Mother in law, and then just sorta kept going after. 415 more words