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Hot, Sweaty and Beautiful

The last few weeks I have been too busy working to write anything. Well that or I was napping. Training has started, the new instructors are here, we are starting to run through sessions, on days off places are being explored and people are getting to learn more about each other. 371 more words


Loose clothing

Wearing tight clothes can be scary as it can easily show sweat marks.

Wearing loose clothes minimizes the chance of the sweat getting near your clothes, and provides more air for the skin, which can help dry out the sweat. 26 more words


When starting to sweat under your arms, you can sometimes feel it dripping down and you have no control over where it is going.

Wearing an undershirt underneath whatever you are wearing will control the sweating by making it all sink into the shirt and not going anywhere else. 65 more words

Black clothes

Getting dressed can be difficult when dealing with sweating, because you do not want to wear clothes that reveals you are sweating.

Black clothes does not show sweat marks, and therefore comes in handy. 64 more words

September Spikes Temp


Loathe to let summer


Take her leave

Spikes temp, torments creative

Mind, sweaty poet

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

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Whatevs, street smiles and sweaty games night

Not caring at work. This is probably going to be an unproductive four weeks…

Smiling all the way to Soho.

Sweaty ping pong, dancing and racing with Jonny.

The Forest Look

Living with MS means I am constantly thinking about how to take good care of myself. What I eat, how much I eat, sleep and exercise all makes such a difference to me. 312 more words