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Rocycle | Jordaan, Amsterdam

Fancy a detox from your messy weekend in Amsterdam? Look no further. The soul-cycle inspired party on a bike will guarantee a good sweat while you sing along to the songs you threw shapes to the night before. 271 more words


6 ways to fight stress fast!

I’m writing this post at 9:37am on my couch when i’m supposed to be at work in the middle of the chaos that is second grade. 279 more words


Gym Class 101: Surviving the Sweat

This semester, I’m taking a P.E. class as one of my last requirements before graduating high school. I don’t mind the fitness aspect of gym class, but I do mind getting super sweaty and then having to put my regular clothes back on. 711 more words


Getting the best racing pit setup!

In the hot sweaty pit lane, there are only a handful of solutions to keeping hydrated well shaded and ready for the race ahead! No matter what motor sport you are into, there is almost an endless need for shelter in and refreshments in the paddock, Adventure Kings has you covered! 8 more words

Hot Heebs of the Day

Shabbat Shalom.

Charles Clore Park, Tel Aviv

Pumping Poseurs

I have nicknames for people at the gym.

There’s The Nymph, Gangnam Style, Bookie, The Amazon, and My Doppelgänger (she’s the in-shape version).

Mostly I name the regulars, the ones who are there any time I go -even though I don’t go the same time, day, or often month. 480 more words

Life Story

TORQ | Central, Hong Kong

TORQ boasts two rooms for spinning and circuits/mobility. They offer pure play spinning, circuit and mobility classes, as well as mix and match classes for the best of both worlds. 164 more words