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In the nearly all extreme cases, excessive sweaty hands may justify surgery . This however, as with any surgery is always the final avenue to visit down. 177 more words

I Miss Air Conditioning

Our a/c hit the crapper about 3 weeks ago, and our landlord is waiting on some elusive part to show up before it can get fixed. 159 more words

Life Lessons

My bathing suit is wet, and not from the pool, but from my disgusting, dirty sweat

This is a rant and not related to books at all, well, Queen of Shadows is mentioned, but that’s it.  568 more words


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Happy Birthday

The worst hangover in a while and a day after pill is a sure bloody great way to bring in your birthday…’rolls eyes’.

Okay so I wouldn’t say I am very proud of this move, however a girl has needs. 525 more words

Sun 23Aug15 Taking the river taxi

Bangkok traffic is notorious. If you try to take a taxi, motorcycle taxi, bus or tuktuk anywhere during any of the morning, lunch, or evening rush hours, you better prepare yourself to have the patience of a saint. 451 more words

No escaping it

The heat. The humidity. The bane of my running right now.

Normally living in a coastal town like Lunenburg there is a fairly steady sea breeze to keep things temperate and comfortable. 208 more words