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Economic Lessons from the Nordic Countries

Folks on the left sometimes act as if the Nordic nations somehow prove that big government isn’t an impediment to prosperity.

As I’ve pointed out before… 1,163 more words

Big Government

Lessons from Sweden about Welfare and Immigration

Sweden is an odd country, at least from the perspective of public policy.

On the positive side, it has private Social Security accounts. It has an… 593 more words

Welfare State

Economic Lessons from Scandinavia

In my younger years, I oftentimes would have arguments with statists who wanted me to believe that countries in Northern Europe like Sweden “proved” that generous welfare states were compatible with economic prosperity. 1,739 more words

Big Government

Linear Thinking and the Rahn Curve: Responding to a Critic

There’s an old saying that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

That may be true if you’re in Hollywood and visibility is a key to long-run earnings. 997 more words


Four Great Moments in Foreign Government Stupidity...and some Embarrassing Political Correctness in America

While I mostly focus on bad government policy in the United States, I also think we can learn lessons from what’s happening in other nations. 1,101 more words

Government Stupidity

Sweden, Spending Restraint, and the Benefits of Obeying Fiscal Policy's Golden Rule

When I first started working on fiscal policy in the 1980s, I never thought I would consider Sweden any sort of role model.

It was the quintessential cradle-to-grave welfare state, much loved on the left as an example for America to follow. 1,005 more words

Big Government

Łapy, łapy cztery łapy...

… a na łapach pies kudłaty.
Nasi tutejsi znajomi mają psa- borderkę. Na czas wyjazdów zostawiają ją pod naszą opieką. Mocca (bo tak się wabi psinka) ma niespełna rok i jest odpowiedzialna za moje niepohamowane szaleństwo na punkcie posiadania psa. 388 more words