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Nivå arton (och mer framsteg!)

Jag har gjort ganska stora framsteg under de senaste dagarna.

Nu är jag på nivå arton på Duolingo!

I had to spend a loooot of time regolding everything since all my skills decayed over the summer, but I’m finally back on track! 61 more words


Ich bin eine Banane

Hello language learners, the autumn is in full gloom. Yesterday the frost and fog lasted for most part of the day and the wind is freezing. 234 more words

Swedish Progress


Hej! Long time no see.

I had planned to post some stuff over the summer but, as usual, time got the better of me. And all of a sudden it’s almost October. 273 more words


Nivå sjutton

Nu är jag på nivå sjutton! (The one I still can’t pronounce. Stupid “sj” sound.)

I’m one-and-a-bit skills from the final checkpoint, and then there’s 19 more to go after that to finish the entire Duolingo Swedish tree. 95 more words


Day 11: Mer framsteg!

Nyligen har jag varit lite tyst. Probably because every time I’ve gone to write something here, I’ve ended up writing it on italki instead. The allure of corrections and feedback is just too great, it seems! 422 more words


Day 10: Framsteg

Hej! Jag vill skriva igen idag, men jag tänker att jag ska försöka skriva på svenska. Kanske med lite “swenglish”… men det är bättre än ingenting! 293 more words


The News in Swedish

Ever since I started studying Swedish, I’ve tried my hardest to stay up to speed with Sweden’s news and current events. It’s as close to immersion as I can get right now, and my vested interest in the country aside, I’m sure there are many others out there who do the same! 203 more words