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Having fun learning and Chinese sentence particles

Yesterday it was pouring whole day so I stayed inside and spent majority of the day studying languages. A mixture of a few.

I started Speak Chinese Today and wrote down first dialogue. 333 more words

Chinese Journey


Jag sitter på min säng i mitt i natten och tänker på framtiden.

Jag är nitton år. Snart gå jag till universitet. Under tre år när jag är klart, vill inte jag vara här. 41 more words



A while back I decided that, for as long as I stick with Duolingo, I’d take a progress quiz once a month. And this time round I was pleasantly surprised to see an improvement! 28 more words


Children confuse me...

Or rather, the Swedish word for them does.

Barn. Seems easy enough, right? I thought so too. But little did I know it would soon become the… 159 more words



Back again! It’s almost 1am and I’m still awake, trawling through Duolingo translation discussions to find a few more things to note down. The fun never ends! 76 more words



Six days into Duolingo and so far so good! I’ve completed 12 skills on my tree (out of what currently seems like an infinite amount) and I’m almost at Level 8 (levelling up is a lot harder than I thought it would be!) 390 more words


Late updates

I was planning to make a post on Thursday, then on Monday and now it’s Tuesday and I will write it even if I’m slow. I thought I could keep up weekly reports and make myself organised. 295 more words

Japanese Journey