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The hubby and I recently had a long weekend away in Gothenburg. I really wanted to see some Christmas markets, he didn’t really care where we went so I found the cheapest Ryanair flights to the coldest place possible: Gothenburg, Sweden! 480 more words


Daintree Australia jungle house

This is one of the most beautiful houses I ever been to. This house is in the jungle of Daintree Forest, Australia and the couple who ones it is my relatives, two artists. Just an amazing place.

Swedish Design

This is my best friends garden in Auckland. Just love it!

Swedish Design

Window sill?

Not sure what this part by the window is called in english? Quite often, most houses in New Zealand are without them. I like it as it is nice to have flowers, plants, candles etc in the window. 16 more words

Swedish Design

Nurse Angry ignores the election results and focuses on important stuff like plastic booties

In Sweden there are often these little blue plastic booties at the doctor’s office. They’re intended to keep the floor clean and many Swedes will put them on even if the weather is fine, if you just put them out in the waiting room. 216 more words

Josef Frank wallpaper

My friend in Sweden put up this beautiful wallpaper in her kitchen. I like the idea of have wallpaper just on one part in the room. 20 more words

Swedish Design

Kitchen inspiration

I am looking for the way how I want my dream kitchen to be. This is pretty much what I am after.

Swedish Design