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Wintergarden in Auckland

Love to be here whatever time on the year, it is just amazing and so inspiring, love it.

Swedish Design

K-mart & Ikea

This golden candle holders are also from K-mart and I bought them for a few dollars each a while ago. Love them as I am a lover having candles.

Swedish Design

Nelson Potters

This is the place I love to go a shop for nice pottery. The house is just amazing itself and I love to see.

Swedish Design

K-mart New Zealand

It was so funny to see the news this evening when they talked about K-mart = cool. For me, who only have been in New Zealand five years I love to shop at K-mart. 18 more words

Swedish Design

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

When it comes to home interiors, we’re happily set in our French-rustic-farmhouse-classic-meets-feminine ways. However, it did dawn on us that we live in a country renowned for its distinct approach to design in both fashion and the home. 379 more words

The H.I. Life

Color Us (Homeware) Happy!

When Helen and I are out browsing Stockholm’s shops, we always love popping into one of our home decor favorites for some new inspiration, Bruka… 262 more words

The H.I. Life

Hornsea and me

Among the miscellaneous objects on my rather messy desk is a brown mug, with a broken handle, decorated with a frieze of dancing rabbits. This mug has sat on every desk I’ve ever sat at: I appropriated it for a pen-holder (in its already broken state) when I was a teenager, and it has travelled everywhere with me since I left home at the age of 18. 714 more words