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To the woman with the sky blue helmet, or why you need to write every day.

There are different camps on whether you should write every day or not. I know where I stand. I believe if you aren’t writing every day, you should be editing or researching. 490 more words

Swedish Fish

Billboard Banter, Week 4

Every few weeks, Jake Kring-Schreifels and Eric Mollo will exchange emails and examine a current Top 40 song in depth. At its best, the conversation will scrupulously examine the dearth of good lyrics over the radio that people so casually sing and memorize. 1,453 more words

Swedish Fish and Easter

My favorite part about Easter is the candy!  And what’s better that Swedish Fish® but Swedish Fish® Jelly Beans???  Comes only once a year and you have to seek them out.   35 more words

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5 Things I'm Ecstatic About for AnomalyCon 2015

1) The Schedule

Every year the schedule at Anomaly Con gets bigger, bolder, and with cooler guests. I’m happy to say this is my third year at the event. 529 more words

Swedish Fish

This Is What Not Everyone Will Tell You About Rejection

Chasing a dream? Here’s the thing: If there comes a point where you find yourself hitting a wall, doubting yourself, questioning whether or not you are cut out for it, you are doing it right. 452 more words

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A Gift to you on my birthday: A Fluffer Nutter Flight

You go to craft breweries, you can get a flight. It’s a sampling of amazing variety of brews the place has to offer. Well, for my birthday this year my wife & I decided to do a crazy Fluffer Nutter flight. 354 more words

Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish

She didn’t complain. She never complained.

They shared a small apartment above a pizza shop with a real Swedish fish and a beautiful little girl. 199 more words

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