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Review: Brouwerij Rodenbach | Caractère Rouge

Ever remember, like, fuckin’, summer camp when you were 10 and your parents bribed you with an N64 if you just, like, shut the fuck up and spent the night at the if, uh, fuckin’ uh, sleepaway camp portion of the night? 902 more words


Author Interview with Travis Heermann on his new release, Spirit of the Ronin

Travis Heermann’s Spirit of the Roninis now available in all major e-book formats with a print edition coming in July. The conclusion of his Ronin Trilogy, it is the stunning conclusion of the story of Ken’ishi.  1,030 more words

Swedish Fish

CYNA Candy challenge, Day 5-favorite candy

And now I’m caught up on the challenge!  My favorite candies are Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish and since both have yellow packaging and (some) red candies, today’s mani was another simple red and yellow look, like the Fireball/Lemonheads one from the other day. 166 more words

This is when you quit.

All too often people put up a veil. I include myself in that category. You can pretend certain things are going as planned, even if the plan has gone to hell. 446 more words

Swedish Fish

An Interview with Author Aaron Michael Ritchey

Aaron Michael Ritchey’s newest novel, Elizabeth’s Midnight, is now available. I sat down via the internet to find out more.

Congratulations on the new release. 1,433 more words

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Analyzing your ROI on Query Letters

Query letters. I say those two words together and most aspiring writers, and established authors alike, cringe. It’s a necessary part of the business if you’re trying to find an agent or publisher.  806 more words

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To the woman with the sky blue helmet, or why you need to write every day.

There are different camps on whether you should write every day or not. I know where I stand. I believe if you aren’t writing every day, you should be editing or researching. 490 more words

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