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Why authors should pay attention to the demise of Flash.

No, not the superhero. This is even nerdier of a conversation. Adobe Flash has supported multiple facets of the internet for years. However, its demise has been a long time coming. 599 more words

Swedish Fish

Friday Favorites: Snacks!

Hello friends! Welcome to the first Friday Favorites! On Fridays I plan on posting a different Friday Favorites highlighting my favorite items in that week’s category. 468 more words


Kindergarten Lunch No. 2

Mozzarella and crackers. Blueberries on top of banana rounds. Pickle, celery, carrots. Tomatoes and hard-boiled egg. Swedish fish.

Inkshares & Nerdist Sci-Fi/Fantasy Competition: Week Two Results

Lots of traction, but still a long way to go. A big congratulations has to be extended to the top ten because they are certainly making it a competition. 112 more words

Swedish Fish

Inkshares & Nerdist Sci-Fi/Fantasy Competition: Week One Results

My campaign for my science fiction novel, Current, has only been active for three calendar days. Having entered this match late in the game, I’m so ecstatic to announce that I’m over a third of the way to enter the top ten, out of what appears to be nearly 300 entries. 114 more words

Swedish Fish

Swimming With The Fishes


Happy Monday everybody! I’m sure most of us are groaning at the very thought of Monday’s arrival, and probably not too many of us rolled out of bed eager to start the day. 913 more words

An Author Interview with Stant Litore: Myths, Legends & Special Editions

Author Stant Litore has a busy second half of 2015 ahead of him. From August 14 – 16, he’ll be the author Guest of Honor at the annual… 1,631 more words

Swedish Fish