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Swedish Fish Oreos

“You know what’s wrong with Oreos?” asked no one, ever, except the guy who invented these, “They’re not rubbery enough.” 0.1/5


Eating all the Swedish Fish

I am slowly, but SURELY, eating all the Swedish Fish I bought for the Swede.

I’m hoping that Murphy’s Law will be in full effect for me. 267 more words


Halloween candy power rankings: Crunch-ing the numbers

Written by Jesse Pelletier

  1. Swedish Fish

When I first remembered Swedish Fish, I thought for sure they’d crack the Top 5 for this list. Then I remembered how much bomb candy is out there. 830 more words


I have a weakness for candy ...

… but not chocolate. Just cheap suggary candy that I have loved since I was a kid of 10 or so. I have heard there are two types of sweet thing you can favor. 325 more words


Bloomington, MN

We decided to venture to IKEA in order to find some new kitchen knives. it was about noon time so we thought we would try their “restaurant”. 275 more words


#1645 Surprise Someone with Swedish Fish

I cannot understand WHY this is a “thing to do before you die” item. But since it’s in the book’s list I plan to accomplish the task. 201 more words

Bucket List

Cooking with Liza: Salmon Roll

Hi guys,

I just published a new cooking video on my Youtube channel: Cooking with Liza. It is a really easy recipe to make and the salmon roll is super tasty. 162 more words