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I have a weakness for candy ...

… but not chocolate. Just cheap suggary candy that I have loved since I was a kid of 10 or so. I have heard there are two types of sweet thing you can favor. 325 more words


Bloomington, MN

We decided to venture to IKEA in order to find some new kitchen knives. it was about noon time so we thought we would try their “restaurant”. 275 more words


#1645 Surprise Someone with Swedish Fish

I cannot understand WHY this is a “thing to do before you die” item. But since it’s in the book’s list I plan to accomplish the task. 201 more words

Bucket List

Cooking with Liza: Salmon Roll

Hi guys,

I just published a new cooking video on my Youtube channel: Cooking with Liza. It is a really easy recipe to make and the salmon roll is super tasty. 162 more words


Something's Fishy... And Also Gummy

If you teach men to fish

You’ll feed them forever,

But I find that sometimes

It’s a fruitless endeavor.

I taught fishing in Sweden

But to my dismay… 9 more words


Swedish Fish, or Canadian Fish?

If a candy is named after a candy, one would expect to be made in that country, right? So why is Swedish fish made in Canada, and not Sweden? 297 more words

New Layered Swedish Fish Gum

There are two things I┬áreally love about Trident’s Layers Swedish Fish gum. For starters, the packaging is my favourite. The inside of each box looks a bit like yellow fish scales and the colours are wonderfully bright. 100 more words