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Sports Massage

Sports massage is a part of western treatment that work for addresses specific need of athletes Components.  A Sports massage is treat for injuries and as well as a preventive treatment of the health for muscle and deep tissue, symmetry, balance of muscle and quality of posture in body parts. 75 more words

full body massage techniques

A full body massage techniques mean the massage with different kind of service which can make people look and feel good. In most instances, full body massage techniques to relieve pain throughout the body, resulting in all kinds of quick. 92 more words

city massage in uk

In medical field massage is a alternative treatment for a small injured. It is a best way for body fitness and it is a money saving technology run on only external body part. 120 more words

Swedish Massage"Movement Cure" Yoga? Gymnastics? Shiatsu? Ayurveda? Maybe All Of The Above

As I write this blog on Pehr Ling’s “movement cure” the original name for Swedish Massage a system of massage techniques that help relax the muscles and increase circulation –  I can hear my yoga instructors’ voice: “yoga is just western gymnastics” the comment resonates with me as I study the lineages of movement and healing techniques. 763 more words

Yoga And Ayurvedic Principles

My Funny Newbie Massage Experience!

I have always been persuaded by my girlfriend Nisa to pamper my battered body by having a body massage. And to be honest, I’ve always been keen in trying that one out but the idea of showing my beautiful assets to someone I don’t even know makes my tail go between my legs! 469 more words

Travel Alert

Anne And Women Of A Course of Miracles Group

Anne was a strong and fearless women of her time. She was a living piece of our nations history. She had soft white hair and prominent bone structure in her face. 2,066 more words

Life Chiropractic Appointments

This Old House

I once lived in a house perched on a slope where the wind whistled as she made her way between the three hills to our very small but quaint home, which sat snuggled amongst them. 549 more words

Theraputic Massage