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Pet sweep

Now that’s something I really need!!


The Dance

There was moonlight, and clouds that seemed to swiftly appear– But I danced.
Spinning through winds of midnight that gently touched my ear– I was free, underneath… 36 more words


Event 16: Watching children clean the floor

I know I have some strange ideas about what I consider to be a fun afternoon, but even I don’t consider watching kids sweeping to be a suitable birthday celebration. 537 more words


A Particular Dustpan in Bangkok

Dustpan for outdoor use with galvanized iron base, and natural materials for the rest of its parts, from its wall to its handle, is one design that’s probably particular to Bangkok only. 24 more words


Crochet Swiffer Pads

A while back, I discussed the cleaning supplies I use, which brought on a discussion about the Swiffer. It really is a lovely system, but the pads for it are just too expensive. 1,078 more words


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Anyone who’s ever known me will tell you one thing, I’m completely obsessed with having things clean. I want you to first understand one thing, I’m not a germophobe like most people who have OCD or maybe I’m deceiving myself. 531 more words


Win a Big Joe Suite Lounger!!!

There’s a new sweep that recently started and you could win a Big Joe Suite Lounger chair!

All you need to do is like their page and fill out a short form with your info to be contacted if you are… 61 more words