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Why Curling?

Today is the evening before something of an interesting day.  Tomorrow is the last curling weekend of my first season, and our team has managed to rise from the rookie ranks to top our mixed league division.   902 more words


No Housework Day

April 7th: National No Housework Day

Skip the spring cleaning today! It’s National No Housework Day so leave the vacuum and broom behind!

How I’m Celebrating… 127 more words

Malaysia proposes sweeping ‘fake news’ law, including fines and prison for offenders

(Source: www.theverge.com)

Malaysia’s government has introduced a sweeping “anti-fake news” bill that critics say could stifle criticism of Prime Minister Najib Razak before a national election later this year. 303 more words


A sweeping new bill targets California’s housing crisis

(Source: www.vox.com)

California is in the midst of crippling housing crisis. The state’s population has steadily grown, but it hasn’t been building new places for people to live at anything close to the same rate. 3,748 more words


How Watching Curling Helps You Sell Better

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Television coverage of the Winter Olympics reminds us just how unusual the sport of curling is. On an icy surface called a “sheet,” one player propels a 42-pound (19 kg) chunk of polished granite toward a target. 501 more words

Money Matters

A Beautiful Day

At last, here in Fakenham, the garden is calling. I do love spring and there are many signs that it’s coming. I’ve been outside today starting to tidy up and do some sweeping in anticipation of growing things. 51 more words


I Have a Curling Prejudice

I admit I have a bit of a prejudice against curling, because of the whole broom sweeping thing.

When I think of sports, I think of playing games and having fun.   39 more words