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Green Tomato Relish

I love relishes but so many take a long time to cook and/or are canned at the end.

My Green Tomato Relish takes less than 20 minutes and is great on pork, chicken, turkey or even brats (instead of sweet relish). 150 more words


Craving sweet and salty? You need an Everything bar!

You know those days when you crave something sweet and something salty and you just don’t know what to eat? The answer is here. Everything Bars. 115 more words

Must Try

kitchen sink cookie

I do apologize for the lack of posts lately…we were traveling and now relocating and it has just been a very busy summer with our family! 439 more words


Suck on my Chocolate Salty Balls

I thought I’d kick off Munchie Mondays with something really not healthy, because of all of those healthy Whole30 recipes. Here’s one of my very guilty pleasures. 169 more words

A (Pre) Discovered Breakfast Spot

My dad and I thought that we had found a new secret dining spot. Well… as it turned out, my mom and my sister had known about this place years prior! 81 more words


Sweet and Salty Saturday Pizza (Prosciutto and Dates)

In our house, weekends mean football, and football means pizza. I don’t mind putting pizza on the menu once a week, but I prefer to make it myself rather than call for delivery. 433 more words

Sweet & Salty Popcorn

Have you ever tried the famous sweet and salty popcorn sold at costco?? Well, it’s delicious and addictive!
So, I wanted to recreate a version I could feel ok about eating, especially later at night when I’m not using up much of my food energy. 46 more words