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Bronx Beer Hall Brunch: A Taste of the Good Life

By Patrick Hood and Caitlyn Leterii

Join Caitlyn Letterii and Patrick Hood, a couple of brunch-loving star-belly sneetches, as they explore and critique the cheap eats available around the Bronx and Rose Hill campus. 959 more words


Simple Sweet and Sour Sauce

So this is a modified version of a sweet and sour sauce recipe I came across, I quite like it myself but I always find the restaurants tend to be a bit vinegar heavy so this version is a bit more on the sweet side.   155 more words

Tangy Apricot Brussels Sprouts

I know, ew, Brussels sprouts. Hear me out.

While visiting home this summer, I had a transcendent experience at Merchants (the restaurant formerly known as Teller’s) in Lawrence, Kansas. 249 more words


New Gluten Free Menu at Henry Wong

It is notoriously hard to find a Cantonese restaurant that caters for a gluten free diet. The desire for chefs to coat everything in soy sauce and batter is a common occurrence and it is for this reason that I hadn’t eaten a Chinese meal in a restaurant in about nine or ten years, which is crazy considering how much I love this cuisine. 541 more words

Gluten Free

9/11 What a Day

People looking high in the sky,

is it a bird? is it a man?

No it was a terrorist plane.

Crash Boom Flames

oh how the towers were going down in flames. 76 more words

Sweet And Sour

Resepi Fillet Ikan Rangup Gebu bersama Sos Masam Manis. Mudah & Ringkas!

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Selawat & Salam ke atas baginda Rasulullah S.AW.

Assalamualaikum W.B.T diucapkan kepada para pembaca. Kami doakan semoga semuanya berada dalam keadaan sihat, ceria, sejahtera, bahagia dalam lindungan Allah S.W.T. 488 more words

Fillet Ikan

Aramark’s Marketplaces Resembles the Beloved “Caf”

By Caitlyn I. Letterii and Patrick D. Hood

Join Caitlyn Letterii, resident vegetarian and self-proclaimed picky eater, and Patrick Hood, a man who will try anything at least twice, as they explore and critique the cheap eats available around the Bronx and Rose Hill campus. 981 more words