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Strawberry Rhubarb Pecan Bread

Blame it on Costco.

I make refrigerator oatmeal with chopped fruit for the bride’s breakfast during the week; she takes it to work, where it becomes the mid-morning snack that tides her over until lunch. 484 more words


Conchas (Pan Dulce Mexicano Tradicional)

Despues de 200 Años, Siguen Siendo Populares

Algunos los llaman conchas, otros los llaman pan de dulce o simplemente pan dulce, pero cualquiera que creció cerca de una panadería tradicional tiene dulces recuerdos de una cálida concha. 844 more words

Sweet Bread

Conchas (Traditional Mexican Sweet Bread)

200 Years Old, and We Still Love ’em.

Some call them conchas, others call them pan de dulce or simply pan dulce,  but anyone that grew up near a traditional  763 more words


Cranberry Pecan Bread

If you buy large bags of cranberries in the fall and keep them in your freezer you can enjoy this delicious holiday bread all year round! 199 more words


Chocolate Date Bread recipe

This is a bread loaf recipe that I use whenever I find myself with some dates. You can chop up your own, or score some candied nuggets as I’ve pictured. 667 more words


Rosca de Reyes

One of my favorite pastimes back in Canada was baking. I delighted in trying new recipes and always had a freezer filled with a variety of squares and cookies. 371 more words

Stained-Glass Sweet Bread from Goldy's Kitchen Cookbook

Today’s recipe for Stained-Glass Sweet Bread from Goldy’s Kitchen Cookbook by Diane Mott Davidson is delectable and perfectly sweet. Put it on your table this holiday season! 383 more words