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So I stopped writing for a while.
At the time I felt I had too,.. life was getting overwhelming. A (still fairly) new job that was requiring so much more time than my previous one. 446 more words

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Hong Kong Style French Toast (西多士)

Anybody who has a sweet tooth have tried French Toast before. A lot of them know how to make French Toast at home. There are so many varieties of French Toast from different cultures. 643 more words


Easy Sweet Cinnamon buns

My children love cinnamon and cinnamon buns are a favourite. I don’t usually add butter to my bread when baking, but for sweet doughs, I find the butter adds a lovely richness. 459 more words


Skolebrød-Norwegian sweet vanilla custard buns

My oh my, do I have a treat for you! These delicious vanilla custard buns with icing and coconut shavings are out of this world. Every time I go to Norway, I have to stop by a bakery and buy one of these suckers. 472 more words


Gluten Free, Dairy Free Banana Pecan Bread

I have had four bananas getting more ripe as each day passes.  Each morning I silently tell myself to make banana bread before they are too far gone.   449 more words


Rose Shaped Apple Pie Desserts

WOW this is just WOW WOW !!! You have to try this one !


Red Apples, cored and sliced thinly

Juice of half a lemon ( no seeds ) 104 more words


My AMAZING Banana Bread

I have hunted for so long to find the perfect banana bread. I have HIGH expectations when I bake and I don’t like to settle on something that is almost there but just not quite. 137 more words