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Brack — Irish Sweet Bread — 1

Today I’m going to share the first recipe of Brack. I meant to post only one but recently I have come across this one, too. It calls for yeast instead of self-raising flour, is round in shape and baked on a baking sheet (not in a loaf tin). 146 more words


Venetian Panettone, page 523, December 24, 2017

I am making this recipe for our family’s Christmas Brunch. There are instructions in Ms. Hensperger’s cookbook for baking a single large loaf or 2 smaller, freeform loaves.  357 more words


Portuguese Sweet Bread, page 514, December 22, 2017

Yet another loaf for gifting at Christmas, this loaf is supposed to be reminiscent of a Portuguese holiday bread known as Pão Doce. Ms. Hensperger recommends serving it toasted for breakfast with jam or lemon curd, but mentions it is also good with a sweet wine for dessert. 137 more words


Dutch Sugar Loaf, page 434, December 21, 2017

This recipe sounds interesting. Crushed sugar cubes baked into a loaf of bread?  We shall see.

The first step in preparing this loaf is to place 2/3 cups of sugar cubes in a heavy clear plastic freezer bag and, using the smooth side of a meat mallet, crack the cubes. 155 more words


Cranberry - Golden Raisin Bread with Cardamom, page 443, December 20, 2017

I am gifting bread to a few people this Christmas and this is the first loaf I am including in the gift baskets.  I will write all these recipes as I bake, but will not post them on the website until after Christmas. 331 more words


Amaretto Bread, page 518, December 20, 2017

This is another of my “Christmas Gift” breads this year.  This recipe includes both amaretto liqueur and eggnog so it will taste, I hope, delicious and be reminiscent of the holiday season in every bite. 376 more words


Kifli (Traditional Bulgarian Sweet Breakfast Breads)

Traditional kifli are absolutely a must if you are visiting Bulgarian – they are freshly baked every day and they can be bought at any breakfast shop. 421 more words