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Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Last week Melbourne experienced some pretty crazy weather including rainy days. I took full advantage of the weather, kept dry inside and made this delicious chocolate chip banana bread. 533 more words

Baking Bread: Hawaiian Sweet Bread Part 2

Our bread machine is dead. Well, not all dead, but mostly dead. Josh was making this incredible coconut bread in it the other night. Our breadmaker always makes a lot of noise during the mixing cycle. 499 more words

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a black sesame and milk babka and a chocolate chestnut babka

Sending emails is a bit nervewracking. Part of this is because I tend to overthink what I send in emails (I should apply some of that thinking to what I say in blog posts so they don’t all consist solely of: oh, I enjoy blogging + oh, I am a bit tired lately). 958 more words



I don’t recall the exact reason that triggered my taste buds towards this. All I remember is that I just felt the urge to have some sweet freshly baked bread. 426 more words


Baking Bread: Hawaiian Sweet Bread

My oldest son loves the King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls that you can buy at the grocery store. Sometime last week he asked if I could try making those rolls. 682 more words

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La colazione di stamattina

Ciao tutti! Non so che voglio fare per la colazione. Io non mangio frequentmente il cibo in la mattina perche, non ho fame. Ma, oggi, io penso che, forse, vorrei il panedolce in burro. 19 more words

Ultimate Zucchini Bread

I’m a sucker for a good sweetbread and in the only two months that twocarolines.com has been bookmarked on your browser we’ve brought you a variety of delicious sweet breads and muffins.   460 more words