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It's Tax Drooling Time

Trying to do taxes is challenging at best. Collecting all the needed papers, sorting, and then trying to make sense of all the numbers while changing diapers, feeding and playing with our granddaughters is an impossible task. 

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General Observations Of Life

BAH Bah Dah!

New theory: everything’s not connected to the Dead, it’s all connected to Ronnie Tutt.

Stop being weird.

Nothing weird about loving the Tutt.

True. You just phrase your compliments so oddly. 75 more words

Sweet Caroline takes on a new meaning for Godiva and tennis star Wozniaki


Maria Sharipova and Maria Bartoli  are among the stars of women’s tennis who have shown their entrepreneurial talents.

Now it’s Caroline Wozniaki’s turn, partnering with Belgian luxury chocolate firm Godiva 211 more words

#MirthMusicMon - Soldiers having Fun

Another week, another Mirth and Music Monday post.

Let’s see what you think of this week’s offering, shall we?

Just to let you know, this post won’t be housebroke, so you might not want to have your little ones in earshot when you play these. 99 more words


Rhymin' (Neil) Diamond - the Good, the Bad and the Internal

The great Paul Simon once said: “I’d rather be a llama than a whale”. Ok, maybe he didn’t but perhaps he should have. Anyway, this is not about rhymin’ Simon, this is about rhymin’ Diamond who once said” 528 more words