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I'm Really Excited For Tomorrow

because there’s (there are) so many things I want to talk to you about and to share with you but it’s almost 11 and I really need to sleep before I am able to write anything else with any level of clarity but I just want to say, thank you for sharing this space with me; it is always appreciated and I appreciate you and I truly hope you have… 164 more words


Prenatal Yoga Before Bedtime

I’ve written before about Queen’s Pose, the supported restorative version of reclined¬†baddha konasana, and this is one of my favorite before bed poses to do, especially when pregnant. 235 more words



No sun to be found

As the wind becomes quiet

The night calls your name

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben


Sweet Dreams - Christmas Bacon

Because I am posted in a country where I might contract malaria, I have been given an antimalarial medication called, “Mefloquine”. One of the side effects of this medication is lucid dreaming. 185 more words

Peace Corps Swaziland

I Love You

Dear Love Bug,

One of the happy side effects of you sleeping in a big boy bed is that I can lean over and kiss you goodnight. 178 more words


Challenges are Challenging

Do you remember my LFBG Challenge in 2015? Those who are following my blogs, of course, know that it eventually succumbed to an unfortunate crash and burn halfway to the finish line. 418 more words

A Wife's Journal