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Sweet Lips Tangerine Cranberry Scones

I made for Brunch it On Sundays yesterday! The whole house smelled of oranges, OMG😍! This is an adapted from @melissasproduce version after receiving the most delicious sweet pixie 🍊 tangerines I’ve ever tasted in my life! 236 more words

Sweet Stuff

1001 Inventory Items

This week I have a bit more time to play around, as it’s Spring Break.

So yesterday I spent several hours checking out some new things and working on my seemingly endless inventory sorting. 397 more words

Second Life

Mesh Mouth

There’s been a lot of buzz the last few days over the Skin Fair opening tomorrow.

I could have gone to an early preview, but I didn’t. 482 more words

Second Life

Kitty Loves..PXL Sweet Lips

It’s all about the mesh these days isn’t it? (“It’s all about the mesh, ’bout the mesh, no sculpties!”)  Frankly I just  can’t be me until I have my mesh body and my ears attached. 844 more words

Second Life

One month in Oz - 2. Perth and Fremantle

Post 2 of an ongoing series. Access the full list here and follow Jubbiz on Facebook here.

We had heard that Perth city was boring… and maybe there is some truth in that. 1,275 more words


other girls

Other girls have arms to hold me
Other girls have legs so long
Only your legs make my head turn
Only your arms make me strong… 100 more words