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2011 Decandace Halloween Party

I had a blog awhile back that I lost the login to. I just recently found it again and it had lots of interesting articles about Japan concerts, so I decided to transfer the files here ..here is the first one… 1,410 more words


Yesterday coord

So yesterday was the dinner that my bosses organised for me. I’ve been so close to them that I met their whole family and they considered me as their own child <3… 54 more words


First post, yay

Thank you for visiting, I really appreciate it, even if there’s still anything here

So, where should I begin ?

I always wanted to write. When I was young, I wrote some stories but I always ended to never reach the end, due to lack of inspiration. 228 more words


My new dress!

My new dress has finally come, which will be worn for the Wicked & Whimsy Tea party event at the end of the month! I’m currently on the hunt for gold, light blue or white shoes, that will suit the entire outfit…Fingers crossed I’ll find some in time >.< 488 more words

Angelic Pretty

I thought I’d start by talking about a recent order I’ve made from Angelic Pretty Japan. I’m really excited that I’ve made the order and got hold of one of my dream dresses (pictured below!) I have quite a giant wishlist and I was very lucky that Angelic Pretty were having a summer sale and I could purchase this dress, and in the colourway I wanted! 188 more words

Angelic Pretty

❤ How to Wear Your Strap Extenders ❤

How to Wear Your Strap Extenders

If you have had a jumperskirt altered by Truly Darling, some of these tips and tricks will help you in installing your strap extenders! 169 more words


Alice in Wonderland - Outfit shot

I met up with my local frill wearing friends yesterday to go see the newly released film ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’. I went with an Alice theme because I’d just bought this dress and what better excuse was there for wearing it? 71 more words