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Fed up with the high starch, high calories content of Nigerian foods, I embarked on a mission to experiment and discover healthier, low calories and great tasting alternatives. 286 more words


Strawberry tart

Spring has well and truly sprung and I can confirm this because in the space of a week, I have gone from breathing freely to barely having the strength to push air against a congested, swollen, dripping pair of allergy-afflicted nostrils. 633 more words

Blackberry Tart

Blackberry Tart: Sirocco by Sabrina Ghayour

Makes 2 pastry cases and enough filling for 1 20cm tart.

Serves 6 – 8

For the pastry: 


How to make best & tasty Baklava?


కావాల్సినవి : ఫైలోషీట్లు – సగం ప్యాకెట్, పిస్తా, బాదం, జీడిపప్పు పలుకులు – పావుకప్పు చొప్పున, గులాబీనీరు – టేబుల్‌స్పూను, చక్కెర – కప్పు, నీళ్లు – పావుకప్పు..continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Semolina and Strawberry Tart

We deviated from our standard strawberry tart recipe and baked this for our easter lunch. It is an interesting hybrid  between the classic tart and the greek galaktoboureko and great when eaten same day. 471 more words


Pasta Frolla (Sweet Pastry)

I’ve been making Crostata (or tarts) since I was in my early teens. It is perfect to use up homemade jams, or any range of fillings really. 139 more words


Caramel tart

I made this lovely caramel tart ages ago for the office and although the pastry case looks a bit dark (I was so worried it would taste burnt, but it didn’t) everybody loved it. 220 more words