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Apple Tart

Another le Cordon Bleu recipe – Tarte aux Pommes. This has now become one of my favourite tarts to make (and eat). Making the sweet pastry does take time and patience, but hey, this is a pastry school recipe after all! 826 more words


Making: Strawberry Tarts

I love strawberries and that is no secret. I also love tarts so when I wanted to make tarts, it was only natural to make some strawberry tarts to satisfy my cravings. 167 more words


Plum and blueberry streusel cake

Apparently the German name for a plum cake is zwetscekuchen, if you can pronounce that!

I think I’ll stick with calling it plum streusel cake, and like most of the puddings I make, I decided to make this due to having far too many plums in my fridge. 383 more words


Sweet Cinnamon Pastry with a Vanilla Cheese Cake Filling

This weeks pastry is a Sweet Cinamon Pastry with a Vanilla Cheese Cake Filling

The pastry is is a short crust pastry with cinnamon added to it. 245 more words

Salted caramel tarts

Some food photographs need few, if any, words of explanation. Mention salted caramel and you have my attention. This tart is so easy to bake ahead and impress your guests, but, a word of caution, it is probably a good idea to bake in you smallest tart tins- they are VERY rich. 353 more words


Easy Sweet Pastry with Muscovado Sugar and Orange Zest

I always thought of pastry as being quite intimidating, and in all truth, was something I pretty much avoided making at all costs. I actually only really started making it when I found… 489 more words


Lemon Curd Tart with Sweet Pastry

This week I’m learning to make a sweet pastry and also some homemade lemon curd to put into the tart.

I did think that making my own lemon curd would take a while but it was actually very easy and quick to make as well as tasting amazing. 240 more words