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Rich Chocolate Tart

It has been long for posting my recipe, since I got my viral flu from my husband, and unfortunately sick for more than month and I still have not recovering from my coughing.Why the virus has been so strong in Sydney?Why the doctor insisting not prescribing any medicine:”I am sorry, there is nothing we can do for the viral flu.”Both of us were told by the doctor. 999 more words


Creamy Lemon Curd Tart

Sweet and sour lemony cream with crispy crust.

If you use smaller tin, the leftover dough and cream can be used for mini dome cakes. 405 more words


Sweet pastry - works every time

This is a slightly different method for making sweet pastry to more traditional methods and it’s one that I learnt when I did a course at the Michel Roux cookery school.   292 more words


Fruit Tart

Today’s class, we were making fruit tart. Fruit tart is colourful, festive dessert that has sweet pastry crust that is filled with a rich and creamy pastry cream and topped with fresh fruit. 188 more words


Lemon Tart Dream

This may not be the most festive treat, but it’s one of my favorites and I’ve been dying to make it for a while. Lately baking is my meditating, it makes me feel so peaceful and energized, and hey you get a yummy pastry in the end – so what’s there not to like. 544 more words


Cedges Learns - Pastry Weekender - Part 2 - Tart au Citron

As promised, following on from my notes about my recent pastry course at Denman College, here is the recipe I was given for Lemon Tart made with a sweet shortcrust pastry or ‘pate sucre’ as it is more technically known. 1,155 more words


Spiced Strawberry Tart

Jane Parker, 1651 adapted from The Good Huswife’s Jewell, 1587

I was drawn to this recipe because it involved spicing strawberries and baking them in pastry, both details being so different from how we tend to use strawberries today. 634 more words