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Raspberry Blissballs

Hey there!

If you like sweet treats this is the right stuff for you! I personally like bliss balls – or energy balls – sooo much and my mum does as well! 318 more words

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rava ladoo recipe | semolina laddu | rava laddu

Rava laddu is a popular ladoo recipe in India made during festivals and special occasions.Its a sweet ladoo made with semolina and dry nuts and fruits.Since my childhood,I have seen my mother making this laddu whenever we demanded for some sweets and she used to make them in large quantity and store in air tight containers. 403 more words

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My favourite over night oats!

I honestly don’t know how some people can skip breakfast! I just cannot function throughout the day without my morning fix! Overnight oats is a healthy, delicious way to start your day and is packed full of goodness! 200 more words

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The Matcha pow(d)er breakfast bowl

If you enjoy drinking green tea, you’re going to love this! This breakfast bowl is a powerhouse of nutrients, antioxidants and good fats; it does give a great start of the day. 138 more words

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Vegan snickers bars

Anyone who knows me well knows how much of a sweet tooth I have! I love chocolate or anything that has chocolate it in, and this was the only thing I really missed when I first turned vegan. 331 more words

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Healthy and filling pancakes

Welcome to my first blogpost!

I’ve only started having a blog, so nothing is perfect yet! I’m working on it ;) .

Yesterday I did not really know what to have for breakfast but then I felt like having a “pancake sunday”! 233 more words

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Chocolate Nice Cream

I have a love hate relationship with nice cream, because I always feel guilty when eating it. That voice in my head saying Oh my gosh, you can’t have ice cream for breakfast you unhealthy bastard! 265 more words