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10 Sweet Dulce de Leche Recipes

Are there three sweeter words than dulce de leche? Just the mention spikes a sugar rush and a frantic search for a spoon. This thick, caramel-like sauce, swirled or spread onto everything from cafe to toast, is consumed throughout all of Latin America and has many different names, manjar blanco, cajeta, arequipe. 1,873 more words


Using up leftovers isn’t just about not wasting food, it is about making the most of what you have. I know I am not alone in opening the cupboards/fridge/freezer and thinking I have nothing for dinner so I order a takeaway instead. 699 more words

Food Waste

Summer berry tea jelly

I’m not a big dessert person. Give me chocolate or biscuits and I’ll ravage the lot, but when it comes to making desserts at home I’m not particularly adventurous and I don’t enjoy making them anywhere near as much as savoury dishes. 213 more words

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Dark chocolate and Peanut Butter cups

I love Reeses’s peanut butter cups and can finish off a whole packet. I thought to try making my own version, with sugar free peanut butter (Whole earths do a version.) You can use regular peanut butter too. 222 more words

Sweet Recipes

Island Coconut Macaroons 

Let’s say “Somebody” (me) loves vacation… Especially a beach vacation. So, anytime I get a chance to make sweets that remind me of vacation I’m all over it. 311 more words

Sweet Recipes

Fry Pan Japanese Cake

Resep ini salah satu favorit Mama dan Papa.
Paling seneng dimakan saat pagi hari sambil minum teh.
Saat sakit pun, kue ini paling ampuh buat bujuk mereka untuk makan. 285 more words

Sweet Recipes

Sultana Scones

What’s not to love about a warm, freshly baked scone? Absolutely nothing in my eyes. On a warm summers afternoon I thought it was only fair to whip up a small batch to enjoy in the evening sun…..or, in reality,  in front of Eurovision watching several questionable ‘singers’. 120 more words