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Raspberry Jam Drops

Jam drops are a childhood favourite of mine (strawberry and raspberry in particular). Growing up I would often bake with my Mum, and one thing we baked quite often were jam drops – with a soft and crumbly biscuit and a gooey jam centre they filled the kitchen with a beautiful sweet aroma. 262 more words

Sweet Snacks

Apple Date Loaf

Apple date loaf with caramelised cinnamon apples on top

Dates and apples, yum! Add some cheese into the mix and it’s even better. Hmm come to think of it, now all we need is some wine and we have the beginnings of a tasty cheese and wine platter. 357 more words

Sweet Snacks

Spiced Date Mini Muffins

Spiced date mini muffins with honeyed Greek yoghurt and homemade orange marmalade

For breaky this morning I thought I would experiment with some orange and spice by making these spiced date mini muffins with honey natural Greek yoghurt and my homemade orange marmalade. 232 more words

Sweet Snacks

Reduced Sugar Raspberry Jam

I love jam and the different combinations that can be made, It’s a nice treat on french toast, scones, jam drops, rippled through youghurt etc. But I rarely buy store bought jam these days because my home made jam is so much more beneficial for your body and I find it actually tastes better than store bought jams. 300 more words

Sweet Snacks

Buckwheat Banana Bread

We have some left over bananas this week that are nice and overripe and perfect for making banana bread! Banana bread is quick and easy and full of flavour – but traditional recipes or commercial ones are usually very high in sugar. 308 more words

Sweet Snacks

Choc Orange and Pistachio Sandwich Biscuits

Dark chocolate wholemeal spelt biscuits with pistachio nut butter and orange centre, drizzled with dark chocolate and sprinkled with pistachio crumbs

With a surplus of oranges in my hands I’ve been experimenting this week with the idea of making choc orange and pistachio nut butter sandwich biscuits. 772 more words

Sweet Snacks

Lavender and Berry Waffles

Wholemeal lavender waffles with vanilla mixed berry ice cream, balsamic and honey roasted strawberries, maple syrup and mint


Waffles (makes about 6 full sized round waffles) 455 more words

Sweet Snacks