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Cadbury Caramel Roundies

Cadburys have introduced a new biscuit to the UK – a Roundie! Cute name!

Apparently these are already big in Australia. And seeing as Australians have impeccable taste in biscuits (Tim Tams) I was hoping these would be just as delicious. 203 more words


Alpro Coconut Chocolate Milk

I’m a fan of all things Alpro after going vegan for a month or so a while back. Now, I’m seriously not vegan – but I have carried on having Alpro soy milk in my tea and Alpro yoghurt instead of the dairy stuff. 223 more words



We eat beetroots regularly. They are lovely in a salad, roasted with some greens and feta cheese or blended into smoothies. It was an easy leap, then, to imagine the goodness of a beetroot chocolate cake once I came across the idea by the inspirational people from… 272 more words


Marshmallow Mateys - Cheap and Cheerful Lucky Charms

Oh how I love Lucky Charms. They’re so delicious and sickly sweet, but so expensive, I can never justify buying them.

So when I was having a quick browse in our local B & M Stores the other day I was surprised to see a brand called Marshmallow Mateys that I had never heard of, for more than £1 cheaper than Lucky Charms, but looked exactly the same! 180 more words


Nestle Butterfinger Cups

Ooh I was so excited to learn from the blogosphere that Nestle have decided to bring Butterfinger products to the UK. Yes ma’am. Just the packaging takes me back to holidays in the US when I was younger, and my total astonishment at how many peanut butter based treats are available over there compared to the UK. 335 more words


Reese's Snack Mix

Seeing as I’m unemployed at the moment (why do you think I started this blog?) I need copious amounts of energy for all the hours is sit watching daytime TV. 220 more words


Co-operative Belgian Milk Chocolate, Toffee & Pecan Popcorn

I’m on a popcorn tip again!

Co-op have made this delicious sounded ‘irresistible, hand-crafted’ popcorn. How could I say no?

It’s described in great detail on the pack: 283 more words