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Cocoa and peanut butter bites 

Thank you for being here today, to witness peanut butter and chocolate join in Holy matrimony. Ha! But seriously, we may as well make it official as *everyone* knows those two ingredients were made for each other, and this recipe is just one delicious prime example. 233 more words


Chocolate pancakes

‘Chocolate’ and ‘pancakes’ are two words that could never, ever, by any stretch of the imagination, disappoint. It’s a true fact, it’s been translated into a recipe, and the recipe is here for you to test out:  206 more words


Holiday Romance!

The best Christmas presents are those that touch the heart.

Noël White has it all. A successful advertising agency, a huge designer apartment, and enough money to live comfortably. 152 more words


Cakes : Christmas Soon !

Come Christmas, and, Srichandra is all prepared for a variety of cake making…. from  November onwards. She has a son and a daughter who readily act as helping hands. 29 more words


Pumpkin porridge with honey and dark chocolate 

Cinnamon and pumpkin porridge complete with honey and chunks of dark chocolate. The sentence that can sum up the main ingredients of Autumn. That is literally no joke. 315 more words


Poached pear crumble 

Contained in a tiny dish, is all you’ve ever wanted (and more) from a warming and hearty dessert. Grab a spoon and invite yourself to poached pear Heaven, laced with golden honey and all encapsulated in a soft and subtly crunchy crumble. 295 more words


Pumpkin Swiss roll/roulade with ginger and honey buttercream 

Refrigerator contents: Leftover pumpkin. Fresh garlic. My brain says: Need cake. What to make…Pumpkin spice Swiss roll with ginger and honey buttercream, of course! Bring the aromatic spicy smell of autumn cooking to your kitchen, trust me there will be no regret! 839 more words