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Egg-free Glutinous Black Rice Mini Bites

For our #Bloghop theme #bitesizefood, I have come up with these sweet and soft fluffy Egg-free Glutinous Rice Mini Bites which can be eaten whenever you crave for something sweet. 369 more words


Midnight Baking

I was so excited this night because of the sight of my mom taking out chocolate, making whipped cream and putting things in the oven. All I thought about at that moment was, WHEN IS IT DONE COOKING?! 224 more words

Creamy coconut butter 

I am completely in love. This is like nothing I’ve tasted before, which is incredibly weird because the ingredients read: 100% coconut. And I love coconuts, anything coconut. 333 more words



It is not often that I check Kayla’s Sweat app for inspiration on snacks and food but these long, dark evenings are much more manageable with some cookies on hand. 206 more words


Giving your coconut purpose: A guide to opening and using a coconut 

All these weeks you’ve been surreptitiously observing the humble fruit/nut/seed, sat on the supermarket shelf, that encapsulates beautiful coconut deliciousness. Intimidating yet intriguing, you wheel your shopping trolley on, resisting the urge to welcome the coconut into your loving arms. 685 more words


Cocoa and peanut butter bites 

Thank you for being here today, to witness peanut butter and chocolate join in Holy matrimony. Ha! But seriously, we may as well make it official as *everyone* knows those two ingredients were made for each other, and this recipe is just one delicious prime example. 233 more words


Chocolate pancakes

‘Chocolate’ and ‘pancakes’ are two words that could never, ever, by any stretch of the imagination, disappoint. It’s a true fact, it’s been translated into a recipe, and the recipe is here for you to test out:  206 more words