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3 ingredient oat pancakes

Simple oaty pancakes with no flour? Check. Sweet and delicious pancakes with no refined sugar? Check. Pancakes that provide the obvious go-to recipe for a new take on conventional pancakes? 260 more words


Chewy choco coconut and banana bites

Whilst I wouldn’t exactly call these ‘biscuits’ or ‘cookies’…well I don’t know what they are really, let’s just call them cookies for arguments sake. They’re kind of crunchy on the outside, and are chewy on the inside, like a chocolate oat bar perhaps. 276 more words


Rose apple tarts

Words cannot describe how good these are so basically my message to you is you have to make some yourself (they’re far simpler than they look) to find out how AMAZING and WONDERFUL they are. 662 more words


Deliciously decadent date chocolate truffles

I am writing this from beyond the grave. I am no longer alive but am actually dead. Specifically, I am in Heaven, sat on a fluffy cloud. 278 more words


Dark chocolate-covered chia berry jam and oaty peanut butter bars 

These are delicious and so satisfying to your chocolate dessert desires and whims! For a small snack like an energy bar, or even a fully fledged cake, they’re perfect. 555 more words



Time for some new snacking options. And what better base ingredient could there be than almond butter. These are scrumptious and fudgey and beautiful, the ultimate indulgant snack. 238 more words


Two-ingredient banana pancakes 

When I discovered these pancakes I was – and still am – in utter shock. Pancakes…without actual pancake ingredients…?! They’re so so simple and sweet. “Pancake: A thin, flat cake of batter, usually fried and turned in a pan. 234 more words