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Home made Granola Bars with walnut, almond and dates

I have been travelling extensively, doing multiple things at a time. In last one month I have touched 6 states of India. There are so much to talk , document  and share.  383 more words


Crustless Double Chocolate Kahlua Cheesecake

Darkness can be illuminating.  My moonless side embraces my guilty pleasures, without making me feel, well, guilty. It tells me that I am of this earth, desirous of the decadent, dark, delicious and some would even say dangerous indulgences. 352 more words


Seven Spoons Strawberry Spread

Strawberry season is upon us. What better indicator that spring has arrived? Shady groundhogs and April showers are unpredictable, but when strawberries appear at the farmers market, it means, undoubtedly, that spring has sprung. 653 more words


Mango Upside Down Cake With Lime Syrup

There’s no way you can escape Kama’s (the Hindu God of love) arrows wreathed in mango-blossoms. Stories of his hapless, lovestruck victims, which include gods, goddesses, emperors and subjects alike litter the pages of Hindu mythology and literature. 438 more words


The Best Ginger Cookie That Ever Lived

If I had to pick only one kind of cookie to eat for the rest of my life, I think I’d pick a soft ginger cookie. 526 more words


Dark Chocolate Sorbet Sundae

Good chocolate sorbet tastes like a slurry of frozen, bittersweet truffles. Without the milk fats that lend ice cream it’s heft, this sorbet is uninhibited, creamy, absurdly rich and pure…just like I’d imagine that chocolate waterfall at Willy Wonka’s factory would taste. 476 more words


Carry Me

Carry me
Far from sunsets and soon to be withered flowers
Away from phony conjured warmth
Flown under the guise of chocolate fondness.
Not near words inked in cards… 151 more words