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Not All Tea is Created Equal 

Imagine my excitement seeing Sweet Tea listed on the soda machine. What I got. CITRUS GREEN TEA. If only there was paper I would leave the owner of this machine a educational memo. 44 more words

Crazy as a Soup Sandwich: One

Birmingham Man Released from Hospital After Drinking Unsweet Tea at Southside Restaurant

A Birmingham man was released from St. Vincent’s Hospital this morning after a touch-and-go night in the Emergency Room. 449 more words


Last Mountain Sweet Tea Flavoured Vodka

A few of my readers have been asking lately why I have curtailed my review publications this summer. As well my publication schedule has become somewhat erratic.  166 more words


Teasia Classic Sweet Tea Recipe #6 of 8

We are coming down to the home stretch of our Teasia Summer Iced Tea Recipe Series where we share 8 different tea recipes in 8 straight days using our 8 flavors. 227 more words

Teasia Iced Peach Green Tea Recipe #1 of 8

During these hot summer months we know we are always trying to look for ways to cool off. What better way than to brew up some iced tea and add some fruit to it! 263 more words

Arabic Tea 101: Mint + Sage Infusions!

Today I want to give a big shout out to comfort companions. Comfort companions are food/drinks/activities that we turn to on rough days (or even every day) for reassurance and love. 933 more words


Grandma's Sweet tea

Okay, so sweet tea is a southern staple. I have family that resides in Minnesota. On our treks up north, we hit a point to where classic sweet tea is not on any menu. 188 more words