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Day 3: Rules of the road.

This morning, instead of laying in bed until check-out I decided to do the adult thing and get up and moving. So I got in the shower. 1,915 more words

September 30th Update

The team found a lot of satisfaction today as the last Kraft Day of the month drew to a close and with it, several of the projects we have been working on for weeks.  254 more words


She's No Savior

dress/gloves/Bento wings: Earth Angel: Gilded (Maitreya) – Sweet Tea Couture
shoes: Earth Angel: Laced Pumps – Sweet Tea Couture
choker: Bacall Pearl Choker Necklace – … 53 more words


Sweet Tea Chicken

First dates are always a little overwhelming. Theres a little excitement, a little nervousness, and a whole lot of “what if”s floating around. About two months ago, I went on a first date to a restaurant I have loved for a long time: Tupelo Honey.Tupelo Honey is a fantastic little place where southern meets gourmet, and nothing on that menu exhibits that blend as well as my dinner that night. 1,038 more words


That's One*!

*Grilled cheese, that is.  An inside out grilled cheese, just because…


Carolina on My Mind

When Bill and I travel together by plane, we always, ALWAYS get an aisle and a middle seat. I don’t know why, because a hundred percent of the time, we  spend the time peering over the shoulder of our neighbor-the-window-seat-holder to look out the window, undoubtedly annoying the heck out of him or her. 681 more words


Reaching the Tea, Or Not

My husband pulled up to the gas pump and I leapt out of the minivan, slamming the door shut behind me. I charged into the little gas station shop, its warning bell dinging above my head. 468 more words

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