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Coconut Sugar Macaroon Bites

Not quite a cookie but also not quite an energy ball, these coconut sugar macaroon bites are a great gluten-free snack for times when you want something satisfying that’s not too sweet. 362 more words


A Fine Cookie for Spring ✻ Sour Cherry Macaroons

Don’t you find that the week leading up to a long weekend always seems busier than usual? I have a lot on the go right now and I bet you do too, so I’m just popping in quickly to share a recipe I came up with last weekend. 467 more words


Dark Chocolate Sour Cherry Cookies

An idea for a new cookie started dancing around the edges of my mind just before Valentine’s Day. I imagined something with chocolate and cherries, definitely adult-oriented, sophisticated, dark and rich. 583 more words


As Told By Goldilocks ❉ Date Loaf

Oh, how I have laboured (and eaten) to bring you this recipe for date loaf! My goal: a dense, rich loaf cake crammed with dates and walnuts, redolent of cinnamon and ginger, and economical to make. 681 more words


Wishing You a Bright & Zingy New Year ✳︎ Lemon Posset

The last time I made lemon posset (you can read about it and the medieval origins of this luscious treat here), it was the height of summer at the cottage on Lake Huron. 438 more words


A Winter Favourite ❆ Applesauce Spice Cake

For the most part, the recipes on this blog are ones I’ve developed myself, yet I have many favourites that come from cookbooks and other sources, whether references I’ve been turning to for years or new discoveries. 385 more words


Festive Greetings ❄︎ Fruity, Boozy Fruitcake

From the Urban Cottage, I wish you a Merry Christmas or all the best for whatever festivities you celebrate. And of course this extends to good wishes for the New Year as well.

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