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Wishing You a Bright & Zingy New Year ✳︎ Lemon Posset

The last time I made lemon posset (you can read about it and the medieval origins of this luscious treat here), it was the height of summer at the cottage on Lake Huron. 438 more words


A Winter Favourite ❆ Applesauce Spice Cake

For the most part, the recipes on this blog are ones I’ve developed myself, yet I have many favourites that come from cookbooks and other sources, whether references I’ve been turning to for years or new discoveries. 385 more words


Festive Greetings ❄︎ Fruity, Boozy Fruitcake

From the Urban Cottage, I wish you a Merry Christmas or all the best for whatever festivities you celebrate. And of course this extends to good wishes for the New Year as well.

840 more words

To Date or Not to Date ❧ Date Squares

I don’t like date squares. Or at least that’s what I’ve always thought. I probably first ate one as a kid, and then a few times over the years I may have nibbled on one from a dessert tray here or there. 498 more words


Holiday Baking Roundup ❅ 15 Sweet Recipes for Christmas & Other Festivities

This festive time of year always inspires me to bake, although I don’t do so nearly as much as I used to. Still, there’s something about making some of the recipes that my kids love (or classics like fruitcake that they despise) that just puts me in the holiday spirit. 495 more words


A Chia Seed Pudding Experiment & The Neighbourhood Oddball

Late last summer I was on my front veranda doing some food photography. The plate was on the floor and I was crouched on the step, moving the plate, angling the camera this way and that, assessing the light, trying to get just the right shot. 599 more words


CW by CorningWare Giveaway ❦ Pumpkin Maple Bread Pudding with Sweet Pumpkin Butter Sauce

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As Thanksgiving approaches here in Canada, the holiday party season is getting into swing. That means lots of gatherings, sometimes hot on the heels of each other or even conflicting, which can cause social and family pressure (not to mention indigestion). 1,358 more words