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Kendra's Arroz con Leche (Latin Rice Pudding)

Hey Foodies….i hope your feeling refreshed & ready to start your week off right on this lovely Monday! I’m here to make your week extra special with today’s sweet recipe! 863 more words

Sweet Treats & Desserts

Crowning Jewel Cherry Pie Cobbler

It’s been a very rough week for me recently! I sprained my knee for the second time in less than a year….again while holding my son. 667 more words

Sweet Treats & Desserts

Berry & Lime Essence Cheesecake with Vanilla Sugar & Clove Crust 

I’m sure I speak for a crowd when I say I love cheesecake! You know what I’m talking about foodies….that creamy dreamy filling & graham cracker crust is all types of tantalizing to my palate! 1,102 more words

Sweet Treats & Desserts

Kendra's Favorite Homemade Jam

This berrylicious jam-boree is the bees knees! It taste sensational with warm buttered biscuits, toast, drizzled atop pancakes and smeared on delectable PB&J sandwiches and only takes minutes to whip up totally from scratch! 416 more words

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New Age Banana Pudding

This luscious, creamy, decadent, custardy & creamy banana pudding is outstanding! Layers of sweet softened vanilla wafers, sweet custard filling and whipped cream combine to become a dessert classic in this recipe. 529 more words

Sweet Treats & Desserts

Showstopper Pumpkin Pie 

Look guys, i get it……I know this recipe is an intense topic of discussion especially in the south! Whole debates and fierce teams are in it to win when it comes to which of the infamous two orange-colored pies will reign supreme in the pie showdown. 651 more words

Sweet Treats & Desserts

Candied Sweet Potatoes

I have literally been obsessed with making pumpkin everything recently. In the last month I have literally made three pumpkin pies, a pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin cereal and pumpkin bagels and pumpkin spice lattes! 504 more words

Sweet Treats & Desserts