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White Hairs & Natalie Imbruglia

I posted a birthday greeting to Sanjo .

He responded with my birthday greeting on facebook: “Thank you ate jen.” -which made me cringe and fall in my seat.  803 more words


Sweet Dreams

Aah the 80’s teen romance novel!  Sweet Dreams novels sure were a “trending” item back in the day in our school library.  As a girl growing up in Australia, those American teens were something of a glamorous mystery to me.  181 more words

This or That? #48

This or That? #48

This week Bookmark Chronicles wondering…

Is there a book or series that you enjoyed when you read it, but would change your mind about now? 141 more words

Blog Challenges

just call me jon snow.

Remember that time OMGSPOILERS Jon Snow was killed at the end of season five and we all knew he’d come back at the beginning of season six and then, lo and behold, Ol’ Crazy Red Lady came in and rubbed his beautiful abs and he was back in the action? 1,031 more words


What I'm relearning from Sweet Valley High...

OK, I’m going to start this post by saying that yes, I know Sweet Valley is not ‘real’ literature, it’s commercialised teenage rubbish that people have told me a ridiculous amount of times over the last twenty years that I shouldn’t be reading, but I’ve been obsessed with SVH since I was 9 and have actually learned a lot of life and social skills (really) from various characters in the series as well as having the ‘safety’ of an alternate fictional world which had characters I could relate to and ‘talk’ to (via Sims or writing) and this was really important to me as a teenager in a similar way to how I used Hogwarts pre-Voldemort as an escapist world.   3,072 more words

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Sweet Valley High Covers Artist Takes Commissions

OMG I was obsessed with Sweet Valley High as a pre-teen in the Eighties!

I saw this the other day & just had to share it here too. 304 more words