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Enid and Ronnie Fight Already: Sweet Valley High #2 Chapter 4

Sweet Valley High: Secrets Chapter 4

Elizabeth, Todd, Enid, and Ronnie are at the movies for a double date (the book points out that “the two couples often double-dated”, even though Elizabeth and Todd have only been dating since the end of the last book and who knows how long ago that was). 1,050 more words


Jessica Squirts Tomato Juice on Her Sweater and Has a Meltdown: Sweet Valley High, Secrets Chapter 3

Full disclosure, I feel weird about making fun of most of the characters in this chapter because I am slightly worried they actually have conditions of some sort that I shouldn’t mock. 1,442 more words


Jessica Has Lots of Gossip, But No Boys: Sweet Valley High #2 Chapter 2

Hopefully everybody’s enjoying our return to the batshit insane world of Sweet Valley High while Ariel and I sort through all our recommendations we got for the next book (update: OMG), and also purge… 1,177 more words


A Dark Past Revealed: Sweet Valley High, Secrets Chapter 1

Today marks our return to the wonderful world of Sweet Valley High and the Wakefield twins, Jessica and Elizabeth. Jessica is a gorgeous sociopath who thrives off causing problems ranging from light mischief to outright criminal activity. 2,308 more words


Book Adventures

Since it’s a cool, rainy Saturday, I thought it would be fitting to post about books.  I am at the end of I am Number Four… 316 more words


“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”: The Best Girl Cliques of Pop Culture

1. The Plastics – Mean Girls

Mean Girls certainly wasn’t the first movie to put a girl clique at the front and centre of the action, but it was the first (unless you count… 1,692 more words


SVH Magna Edition: Elizabeth's Secret Diary, Vol. II

Estimated Elapsed Time: N/A, as this is a recap of books #55-70


The book starts off with Liz on a date with Todd Wilkins, who is distracted.   984 more words

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