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I’m not sure which of these I’m more ashamed of buying, but rest assured, you’ll be on the receiving end of both.

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Sweet Valley Collectors List (Excel)

SVH Collectors List in Excel format to assist you organise the missing books in your collection!


Campus Cool: Jessica's Story

I’m back with the second of the two Campus Cool booklets, released with the Sweet Valley High dolls sometime in 1993! This booklet came with Jessica’s doll (duh), and the ugly outfit on this cover is the same as what the doll wore. 1,110 more words

Sweet Valley High

Campus Cool: Elizabeth's Story

What the hell is this?! Let me explain: Sometime around the time of A Night to Remember, Bandai toy company released a series of Sweet Valley High dolls, including “Campus Cool” versions of Elizabeth and Jessica (each sold separately!). 1,311 more words

Sweet Valley High

Look A Book Sale

Hello, my name is Julie and I’m addicted Books. I buy them at the Friends of the Library Book Sale and yard sales and Good Will. 119 more words

New Books

What is Sweet Valley High really about?

There are those who would posit that the Sweet Valley High series, written for boy-crazy teen girls in the 1980s, is not a definitive late-20th century Marxist text. 2,217 more words


#100/Magna Edition #4 The Evil Twin

Here we are! At long last, we’ve reached book number 100 in the series, which Francine or the publisher or somebody decided to combine with a “Magna Edition” to give us a 339-page wonder full of Margo and crying, screaming twins! 5,968 more words

Sweet Valley High