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2017 So Far

The middle of January of this new year went by in a daze, armed with promises dipped in glitters of rose and gold. That and a couple of books read. 796 more words


#97 The Verdict

Oh lawdy lawd, these kids! What will they get up to now? Let’s venture between the Pepto-Bismol pink covers of this book and find out! Warning: I’m not feeling very good tonight, so this is going to be the grouchiest entry ever – like my readers mind, heh. 4,805 more words

Sweet Valley High

#96 The Arrest

My dear readers, I am decidedly not digging this new story layout in the post-A Night to Remember books. I think they took a tip from a soap opera and decided to drag out the same story over multiple books with little bits and pieces in order to flesh out each ~215 page book more. 4,034 more words

Sweet Valley High

Magna Edition #3 A Night to Remember

Here we go, kids. This is it. The “original” SVH format is officially over, and now, here we are in June 1993, the time when the highly hyped… 6,709 more words

Sweet Valley High

Love it or Leave it: Sweet Valley High (The TV Show)

Welcome back! We all have that show. The show that you adore and can quote at the drop of a hat. You love it, but you are the only one. 680 more words

Critical Reviews

Vlog: Literary Nightmares

In which Jess lists the characters that give our hosts shivers.

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MFA: The Beginning

Today I went to my first MFA info session at a school in NYC. I was very underwhelmed. Firstly, I opened the “review” booklets or basically like a compilation publication of the work of current students and I was incredibly underwhelmed. 662 more words