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Carbonkers footprint

Finally made it into my back garden, I’ve been held captive by the sofa until now- it made me nap for two hours…honestly. M has a special fluffy cushion on our sofa and it’s just too comfy not to fall asleep on. 974 more words


Travel tales: Why do I travel in July?

For two years in a row, my big travel trips were in the hottest month of the year. (At least in the northern hemisphere. I’ve never been across the equator so I actually have no idea if it gets hotter in December than in July. 385 more words

Travel Tales

Fictional Character Ages and Me

Note: Sorry if that title doesn’t make sense. I’ll explain…

Okay, so I realized tonight that when I first read most of the books I’ve read, I was younger than the main character, and now I’m as old as the main character. 382 more words

Some of my favorite fictional characters have been the artists

I recently re-read one of my favorite Sweet Valley High Super Specials, Mystery Date (http://amzn.com/0553570730) – staring the creative Olivia Davidson, SVH artist, writer, brain, and self-described loner alongside the dapper Ken Matthews, SVH’s star quarterback, jock, brain-ish, with a secret sensitive/artsy side. 453 more words

Another Article, Another Print Books Are Dead Headline. Part Two: Elf Boobs and Bastard Swords.

(Continued From)

  When you woke up, you were older and more sentient. You knew everything, particularly what you liked. Elf boobs and bastard swords! You had started reading Choose Your Own Adventures and Goosebumps. 464 more words


YA Book Showdown

Okay, 80s (and 90s) kids. This is the book showdown you’ve been waiting for. We’re finally going to decide which series is #1 in our hearts. 20 more words


Book Review - Vanishing Girls

I’m back!!! I highly doubt anyone noticed my absence but just in case you wondered what I’ve been doing for the past seven months…I wrote my dissertation, graduated, moved to London, started working and have been gradually wrapping my head around the fact I’m now meant to be a grown-up. 920 more words