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What is the Longest Series You Have Read?

What is the longest series you have ever read is the May 24th topic for Tuesday Talks, which is a group in goodreads (everyone should go join). 371 more words


Sweet Valley High - Episode 3 - Skin and Bones

A hot artist is in town and Jessica is pissed that Enid is his model for a painting that’s going to go on national tour. Jessica is wearing her cheerleading uniform and is in HBIC mode. 580 more words


Sweet Valley High - Episode 2 -Oracle on Air

The Oracle (the school newspaper) is getting an internal television channel! They’re looking for an anchor, and Elizabeth is always looking for things to put on her college application. 711 more words


Favorite Childhood Books 

Oh books!! So I feel like I was a late reader. It was almost 2nd grade before I really figured it out. But once I got it, I read everything! 87 more words


The Sweet Valley Twins Would Have Posted Mad Selfies as Millennials: New Twitter Account Reimagines Classic Books

Jokey Twitter accounts are a dime a dozen, but this new one legit demands the face-with-tears-of-joy emoji, and we are dying. Paperback Paradise has been posting reimagined images of classic young adult lit, spicing up the boring old covers of beloved tomes of yore, including… 188 more words


90's Rewind: What Your Favorite Childhood Books Would Be Titled Today

by Alisha Jackson

It doesn’t need to be Thursday in order to enjoy a good throwback. Not for our favorite new Twitter account, anyway. Paperback Paradise… 309 more words


Lessons from a Sweet Valley Re-Read: Secrets (SVH #2)

Last year, I re-read the first Sweet Valley High book, Double Love, and my mind was more or less blown. Was Jessica always so wicked? 912 more words