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YA Book Showdown

Okay, 80s (and 90s) kids. This is the book showdown you’ve been waiting for. We’re finally going to decide which series is #1 in our hearts. 20 more words


Book Review - Vanishing Girls

I’m back!!! I highly doubt anyone noticed my absence but just in case you wondered what I’ve been doing for the past seven months…I wrote my dissertation, graduated, moved to London, started working and have been gradually wrapping my head around the fact I’m now meant to be a grown-up. 920 more words


Right foot, left foot, right foot...keep moving.

As I wade through a sea of dirty floors, bills to be paid, dinner dishes, and a week of long days between now and Spring Break, it’s so easy to lose the plot with writing. 498 more words


Five Things Friday: My five favorite books as a child

Yep, it’s Friday again (I know you all really hate Fridays ;)). I try to keep Fridays unscheduled to allow space if inspiration strikes – I’m totally kidding, I am usually over scheduling stuff after the fourth post for the week has been uploaded. 1,476 more words


READ & WRITE: Sweet Valley High

My favorite game I played as child was ‘Shop.’

When playing shop, a turned over laundry basket became the cashwrap and the entire living room my store. 1,338 more words


Lessons from a Sweet Valley High Re-Read: Double Love (SVH #1)

Like many girls growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s, I wanted to live in Sweet Valley. I wanted to hang out with the Wakefield twins and cruise around in their red Fiat Spider and have a burger at the Dairi Barn. 950 more words


Probably The Best Ending We're Ever Gonna Get: Sweet Valley High #1 Chapters 18-19

Hopefully you enjoyed our brief intermission with Sweet Valley High and/or descent into madness with Jessica Wakefield. We finish up the first SVH book’s last two chapters today, with a surprisingly glorious ending in which Elizabeth also can’t even with Jessica anymore. 1,180 more words