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Sweeter than Honey

Words are very powerful. They have the power to bless and to encourage. They also have the power to curse and destroy. No sweeter words can a person hear than the words spoken by God Himself. 69 more words


I am, the luckiest man alive.

I pray to God often, so He sent me one of His angel as my wife.

It’s a blessing to have you :)

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The Lady with the sweet smile: " My Muse.My inspiration

For the words of my heart

for there be a Muse

whose inspiration

has my heart’s words

flowing like the waters of the river

like the river flowers that bloom… 87 more words


💝The Heart Knows

When it comes to love

the heart knows way before the

mouth speaks the sweet words.

Exposed Loving

For the love of my life

Moment after moments, time over time, I close my eyes silently, expecting the nothingness of darkness, but instead, an image forms straight in my head. A beautiful creature beclouds my sight as the fog on an early day. 313 more words


Sweet Words on a Tea Bag

Hey DIYers,

Have you ever thought about doing things that you usually buy as it is? We tried to make our own tea bags for the first Creative Sunday, back in 2013. 214 more words