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Your Words

I’m right here
you look warm
maybe it’s you I’m forgetting to pack
I don’t get why you wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice
see, you’re beautiful… 56 more words


Dear you,

Let me surprise you,
While you wake up in the morning.
Let me write you a poem,
While you still yawn under the sheet.

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Have you ever made snickerdoodle cookies before? First, you start by mixing the butter and sugar together until it gets a bit fluffy. Then, you add a few eggs, a squirt of vanilla, and some milk. 151 more words

Sweet words

मधुर वचन है औषधि, कुटिल वचन है तीर |

श्रवन द्वार है संचरे, साले सकल सरीर ||

Sweet words are like medicine,

harsh words are like arrows. 18 more words


Thief Has a Tongue

A vile thief
His tongue
Found a way
To slither along
My heart
Cutting are kind words
And I remember
Each curve
His tongue cut… 21 more words


Suck Out The Poison

You are mine
The seed of my mind
The sought and the found
I was fraught and now I bind
To you
Who art my soul… 64 more words


Happy BIRTHday Babe!!!

Today is my husband’s birthday. He is 36. WE are both now officially in our 30’s together. Woo hoo! We have grown up together in so many ways. 192 more words