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I just got back from Hot Yoga. Well, kinda. I got back and made coffee first (coffee before morning Hot Yoga is BarfYoga so I skipped it earlier.) I ate because I had breakfast nearly 5 hours ago and am fookin’ starving. 1,329 more words

All the Sweet Things

Feeling blue? Try telling yourself even a fraction of all the sweet things you tell your puppy all day long, every day, without even thinking, just breathing in and out the love. 17 more words

I love to be conquered

Several days ago I’ve read a gorgeous poem wrote by the beautiful Chimp from thelonelyauthorblog.wordpress.com. Its title: “I love you”. You can read it… 145 more words

Emotii - Emotions

Toolz's Hubby Celebrates Her on Her Birthday with Sweet Words

Below are the few words he used to celebrate her:

To my better half, the one that makes me better, and the one that makes me want to do better… Happy Birthday love!



I like your smile. Looks like a cat. Maybe ’cause I like smiles with fangs shown. – Aly

You have so much passion and knowledge in you.

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Attracted to Kitsch

We are attracted to kitsch, just as we are attracted to sweet words or chocolate cookies, even though we know that these are bad for us.

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The Reason to Live

They  give meds they may even operate all to extent life but if you has a heart. that has a passion for life a great love of people a strong and will to live and a devout Faith. 10 more words