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Froot loops baked doughnuts

So I am sure you have seen the pictures of cronuts/doughnuts/shakes studded with Froot Loops all over social media. I have, and was amazed at the things you can do with a packet of breakfast cereal! 311 more words


Biscuits au chocolat noir et fleur de sel

Delicious! Cookies with dark chocolate and “fleur de sel”. These are really easy to make and take little time. And since they have no eggs, the dough can be kept up to four days in the fridge. 162 more words


Carrot Cake | Get That Sugar Fix

Feeling a little peckish? Not sure what to snack on? Why not bake this delicious carrot cake to satisfy your sugar cravings. As tempting as it may be, don’t eat the whole cake at once! 223 more words


Green Tea Honey Lemon Cake

Green tea is a very nice tea.  I drink it quite often for its health benefits, although I’m actually not a super big fan of its somewhat bitter, grassy taste.   403 more words

DIY Halloween Costumes pt 2

Hello spooky ladies! Halloween is creeping closer, so we have 2 more Halloween costume Ideas for you! All of these costumes can be made simply at home by using your GStageLove.com favorites! 146 more words


You ain't going anywhere

You ain’t going anywhere
Just keep getting closer to me everyday
Because that smile of yours binds me
Whole day keeps on reminding me
How wonderful it is to spend time with someone… 167 more words

I'm Marley!

Hi, I’m Marley! (aka Marley Blue, Marl Grey)

My friend’s name is Hemingway. I’m grey and he is white. We are 9 (months…).

We have been in our new home since last week. 241 more words