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How Bad are Artificial Sweeteners?

While reading about “8 Simple Ways To Eat Less Sugar”(http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/7686862) by Kate Bratskeir on The Huffington Post I found a link to a Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine study, which suggests that artificial sweeteners could contribute to weight gain as a result of overcompensation from a person’s body not receiving the reward it believes will come from a fake sugar response. 63 more words


Top 10 Sugar Substitutions (that don't include artificial sweeteners)

If you haven’t seen the documentary “Fed Up”, make time and see it.  It’s on Netflix and is worth viewing.  Katie Couric does an excellent job digging into the obesity epidemic in the US.  1,127 more words


My Favourite Ingredients

Becoming vegan can be limiting, and yet it can open your eyes up to new ingredients and recipes. See my favourite new ingredients, below.  257 more words


14 Week Food Challenge to Wean Off Processed Foods

Most of us are aware that processed foods are bad for us… but let’s face it. We still find ourselves eating them. Why is that? Did you know that processed foods are addictive? 656 more words


A sweet start ... 

We have a coffee bar of sorts at our house. It’s set up basically for any and all things beverage, HA! Coffee, tea, hot chocolate along with all the things to put in or on them. 322 more words

Life's Little Lessons