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Nectar and Honey

Blessed are those 

who offer their nectar to others! 

Doubly blessed are the ones 

who process, turn it into honey,

the natural, benign sweetener, 

and pass it on to… 23 more words


Sweet and Easy Date Paste

Today’s post is a fun one! (I know “date paste” sounds a bit questionable, but bear with me). It’s a quick, easy recipe that literally anyone can make. 449 more words


WARNING: This Sweetener Feeds Cancer Cells

Recent research has shown that sugar is not only a primary source of excess calories but also the reason why cancer cells absorb high fructose corn syrup. 45 more words

My favourite products for healthy bakes...

1. Egg Whites,

  • With just 17 calories per egg white and 0g of fat, these are the perfect addition to healthy bakes.
  • They help to bind your ingredients without adding many calories yet help bakes to retain their cake like features.
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Update - Mannitol and Parkinson's disease

Over the two weeks we have had a lot of interest in our post regarding the sweetener, Mannitol and preclinical studies suggesting that it prevents the clustering/aggregation of the Parkinson’s disease associated protein, alpha synuclein ( 1,425 more words


Reducing calories when you’re attempting to know off some extra kilos is right , however drinking diet soda is not a wise choice. Zero calorie drinks make you crave for sweets , cause tooth decay, and increases the danger of type 2 diabetes. 72 more words