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Lemon Ricotta Cake

I’m on a bit of a roll with the sweet treats that go alongside a mug of tea aren’t I? That has got to be my favourite way to eat cakes and biscuits. 377 more words


1074. Low calorie sweetener

Nelson Crozier (known to his friends simply as Kevin) was furious. Every morning he’d have a cup of coffee, black. And every morning he’d drop into it one tiny tablet of low calorie artificial sweetener. 88 more words


Spiced Earl Grey Cookies

My parents used to brew a pot of earl grey tea every Saturday morning when I was younger. Drinking it regularly enough at home, when I moved out, I bought myself the 100 pack of teabags, as my drinking rate was up to six or so cups per day. 412 more words

Day 5: Unleashing The Chef Inside Me

Today I added some new items just to liven things up, though it really ain’t that easy to plan and execute a menu that’s both nutritious and delicious. 404 more words

Sweet, naturally

Diabetic patients can have a a hard time getting used a life without their favorite sweets. Sweeteners aim to circumvent this perplexing problem by delinking sweet taste from calories. 999 more words


Vintage Tin Can Saccharin Monsanto 1923 - 1938 Artificial Sweetener Rare W Key

Vintage Tin Can Saccharin Monsanto 1923 – 1938 Artificial Sweetener Rare W Key
VINTAGE TIN CAN SACCHARIN MONSANTO 1923 – 1938 ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER RARE W KEY Tin Is Empty, But Key Hasn’t Been Removed From Bottom Of Can. 48 more words


Best Sugar Substitutes can Keep You Healthy

Good health is not something that can be achieved overnight. One needs to give proper attention to diet and lifestyle. For a healthy life, it is advised to remain physically active through physical exercise, running or walking. 172 more words