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Bakewell Tart Pancakes

Cherry and almond is a combination that is often seen in the form of a bakewell tart, a British tea time confection that I absolutely love. 471 more words


You can grow stevia at home to satisfy your sweet side

Those of us who struggle with our weight love something sweet at least once in a while. Sugar tastes great and works well in baking, but at 16 calories per teaspoon, most of us must conserve. 487 more words


5 Reasons to Avoid Aspartame

Eek! It’s a calorie!

Nowadays, people go all out trying to avoid extra calories. Lots of them use artificial sweeteners to get the same sugary satisfaction with out the not-so-sweet side effects of gaining weight and extra calories. 215 more words


#FREESAMPLE of Truvia Sweetener

Click the link below for a FREE sample of Truvia Sweetener!



Piloncillo: bringing a fresh and fiery sweetness to spring

Given the size of my sweet tooth (think saber tooth tiger), I have myriad sweeteners in my cupboards. White, brown and coconut sugars, crunchy turbinado, honey, date syrup and molasses, they all line the shelves alongside a curious specimen that looks something like a gnome’s hat. 389 more words



The Organic Facts Website is filled with information about honey. For instance, honey is a natural sweetener that can replace white sugar. As mentioned in previous posts, too much sugar is not good for the body. 145 more words