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Aspartame - The Sweet Poison

The diet colas penetrated the market with one tag line: Zero Sugar. To make the colas sweet, artificial sweeteners are used. The most common sweetener being Aspartame. 330 more words

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Naturally Sweet

With Natvia, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Unlike other sweeteners (which are generally worse for your body than sugar itself) Natvia’s 100% Natural Sweetener¬†contains NO¬†phenylalanine, aspartamine, saccharin or artificial colors or flavors. 158 more words

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Stevia Raw Sweetener 97 Ounce Outlines

Stevia was first brought to the United States in 1918 by a botanist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture who had learned about the herb while drinking mate. 270 more words

Pyure Organic Stevia AllPurpose Blend Sweetener 16 Ounce For

The Guarani Indians have been enjoying the unique advantages of using kaa he-he (a native term for stevia which means “sweet herb”) long before the Spaniards arrived. 285 more words

Introduction Swerve Sweetener Confectioners 16 Ounce

Overconsumption of sugar can cause diabetes and make you obese. With Stevia Sweeteners, you can add a little bit of sugar to your diet without losing your health. 324 more words