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Let's Compare Sweeteners

Not all sweeteners are created equal, that’s for sure! We did a little side by side comparison of some of the most popular sweeteners on the market today. 913 more words

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Green Kitchen Stories : The Super grain of Future - "Quinoa".

Quinoa was known to the Incas as “the mother of all grains” and was first cultivated over 5,000 years ago. According to WHFoods quinoa “was the gold of the Incas” because the Incas believed it increased the stamina of their warriors.  201 more words

Simple Healthy Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Developing Diabetes

It’s a well-established fact; diet and exercise are basics in the pursuit of good health. Even more so, when examining preventative measures of type 2 diabetes, diet and exercise are the… 711 more words


Sugar in Whole Foods vs. Added Sugar

Sugar is like cholesterol: there’s the good and the bad. The good news is that it’s easy to distinguish between edible sugars and those to avoid. 474 more words


Why You Should Avoid Splenda

There are many of us who indulge in artificial sweeteners once in a while—a can of diet soda now and then, perhaps a “guiltless” binge of sugar-free pudding packs—even though we know they may not be so great for us. 474 more words



Here are the results of a recent poll we took in the Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics Facebook group: 329 more words

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