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Artificial Sweeteners are not as 'Sweet' as you Thought

The use of artificial sweeteners has dramatically increased in the last decade due to the common perception that they are beneficial for weight loss. However, the medical evidence we have is extremely controversial and many studies have revealed that the increased consumption of these food additives correlates with the rise in obesity cases worldwide. 1,120 more words

8 Safest Natural Sweeteners

Sweet foods were a rare delicacy for our ancient ancestors.  Today, we have an unlimited supply of sugary foods and beverages at our disposal.  Natural sweeteners can be used effectively in moderation to provide the sweetness that most people crave.  1,442 more words


It just makes sense - Endo and Nutrition

Hello there! thank you for stumbling upon my blog. As you will soon realize this is kind of a ‘dear diary’ of all things pertaining to endo – less so about the woes and more about the positive things. 428 more words


The perils of marketing sugar free beverages as ‘healthy’

Obesity is a worldwide pandemic. A quarter of all adults in the UK are currently considered obese, and terrifyingly one in five children between the ages of 10 and 11 are also in the obese category. 1,297 more words


“Sugar free”

Demystifying the “sugar free” buzzword

My Feature Published in Shifa News Magazine, March 2017 edition

Sugary foods especially ‘meethai’ (sweets) are rich part of our tradition and culture. 1,377 more words


From Mother to Baby: 'Secondhand Sugars' Can Pass Through Breast Milk

Add breast milk to the list of foods and beverages that contain fructose, a sweetener linked to health issues ranging from obesity to diabetes.

A new study by researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC indicates that a sugar called fructose is passed from mother to infant through breast milk. 918 more words