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Global Non Sugar Sweeteners Industry 2016 Market Research Report - Market Research Report :Sugars and Sweeteners Market in the US Reviews

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First Blog Post! Sugar vs Sweeteners

Hi guys. A big thank you to all of you who have liked and shared my page so far. I’ve been putting this post together all week but it turns out I can’t get much writing done whilst chasing what can only be described as a mini Tasmanian Devil around the living room as he disappears under the table for the tenth time that morning. 929 more words


Top News: #SugarAndNutrition

Here are the top read news for #SugarAndNutrition:

Sugar industry secretly paid for favorable Harvard research:

As nutrition debates raged in the 1960s, prominent Harvard nutritionists published two reviews in a top medical journal downplaying the role of sugar in coronary heart disease. 347 more words


Sugar Blames Fat ... But It's A Lie!

Fats have been blamed for the last 50 years for the world’s ever-growing waist line. Yet, in an investigative report by the LA Times, it turns out that the… 410 more words


Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is the by-product of refining sugar cane or sugar beets.  It contains all the natural nutrients that were meant to help the body metabolize sugar efficiently and still provide an abundance of additional nutrients for enzymatic co-factors.  136 more words

Nutrient Values

Real Maple Syrup

Real Maple Syrup is now considered a whole food and not just a sweetener.  Yes, maple syrup consists of the simple sugars fructose, sucrose and glucose.  681 more words

Nutrient Values

Chocolate Mousse

I made this little treat yesterday with leftover ingredients. The result was AMAZING. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare and serves two. You’ll get two small but very satisfying and filling portions with just… 156 more words