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Blueberry Bliss Bars

Blueberry Bliss Bars

I love this versatile recipe which I originally adapted from my dear friend Sarah B’s Raw Cashew Dreamcake at mynewroots.org. The nut and date base and silky cashew filling is ultra satisfying – like the best cheesecake ever – without all the dairy, wheat and refined sugar. 509 more words

Agave Nectar

Once I learned that my husband had been diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes, my first thought…well, not my first…but anyway…I immediately felt like adding agave nectar to my instacart order from Sprouts… 1,108 more words

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What's the Deal With Stevia?

When I first started baking “for real,” I was really interested in this concept of “no-sugar” baking. I was coming out of my freshman year of college, and was really feeling the guilt of all those mornings waking up with empty muffin wrappers on my nightstand, or all those late nights studying that led to existential crises which lead to Wendy’s frosties at 3am. 1,457 more words


Honey is not just a runny & sticky sweetener

It’s Easter. During this time there is a lot of chocolate an baked goods being sold in supermarkets. You may prefer to buy ingredients to make your own cakes and breads, as well as other recipes. 229 more words

Results–Month One

So, it’s been a whole month of eating only plant-based foods. Overall, it was easier than I had expected, although I have been missing pizza a little (a lot). 777 more words


Four Food Trends to Savour!

Four Food Trends to Savour!

When it comes to thinking about our diet and wellbeing, a lot has changed in recent times. Here’s four important new food trends we heartily endorse at World Organic! 402 more words

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Sweeteners contain less calories than traditional sugar, therefore being sold as a low-calorie diet drinks such as soft drinks diet.
By following these guidelines, many nutritionists and doctors recommend, or in some cases even free, they leave their daily consumption, without restriction. 463 more words