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Vita Coco Kids

Coconut is having a bit of a moment, isn’t it? We’ve used creamed or dessicated coconut in our cooking and baking for years. More recently I started using fresh coconut milk on my cereal instead of cows’ milk. 747 more words

The Extra Slice

Family, friends, music, love are all sweeteners that garnish and eases the stress of life…


Gaining #Weight by "Going #Diet"? 

Gaining #Weight by “Going #Diet”? Impact of Artificial Sweeteners on Sugar Cravings and Weight Gain.

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Monk Fruit in the Raw - Quick Review

I tried out Monk Fruit in the Raw after a friend gave me a box that he didn’t want. That should have been the first warning. 68 more words


If only there was a simple solution to cancer

I’m not sure who was happier last weekend, my wife, our big dog Rodney or me.

My wife was happy because she was at the beach without me and the kids around to annoy her. 514 more words


The Dangers of Zero Calorie Sweeteners

I have to admit – I thought that when I was drinking unsweetened tea and putting zero calorie sweeteners in that I was cheating the system. 598 more words


Diet drinks...

So as diet drinks have no calories, they are ok to drink right?! 

Well, when taken at face value, diet drinks seem like a health-conscious choice. 550 more words

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