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Skinny on Sweeteners in 13 Minutes

I am frequently asked about the sweeteners that can be used with a low carbohydrate diet.  There are a number of sweeteners available that are used in “LowCarb” pre-processed foods like shakes or bars, or in cooking as alternatives to sugar.   167 more words

Ketogenic Lifestyle

Sugar Substitutes - Worst to Best

If any of you have a subscription to Oprah’s O Magazine, you may have seen this article already. I found it to be a great comparison between all the most commonly used sweeteners and sugar itself. 513 more words


Tips & Tricks: How to Prevent and Banish Bloat

After a long holiday weekend filled with outings at restaurants and plenty of barbeques with family and friends, my tummy is definitely not feeling too good. 574 more words

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Starting my Great Health Journey

When I first heard about High Fructose Corn Syrup, and how harmful it was I knew I had to get it out of my family’s food!

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Here's What You Should Know About Philadelphia's New Tax On Soda

Philadelphia is just the second municipality in the United States (after Berkleley, CA) to pass a tax on sugary beverages, though dozens of places have tried it. 764 more words

But I thought it was healthy?!

All these new studies have come out over the past couple years about how awful Sugar is for you. Especially processed white sugar. It is scary! 442 more words

Pepsi Cancels Its Meeting With Bottlers To Discuss Diet Pepsi Plans

In recent years, customers told Pepsi that they weren’t interested in drinking diet colas because of their concerns about the sweetener aspartame. Pepsi took the logical next step and… 196 more words