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Why You Should Avoid Splenda

There are many of us who indulge in artificial sweeteners once in a while—a can of diet soda now and then, perhaps a “guiltless” binge of sugar-free pudding packs—even though we know they may not be so great for us. 474 more words



Here are the results of a recent poll we took in the Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics Facebook group: 329 more words

Blood Glucose

Global Non Sugar Sweeteners Industry 2016 Market Research Report - Market Research Report :Sugars and Sweeteners Market in the US Reviews

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First Blog Post! Sugar vs Sweeteners

Hi guys. A big thank you to all of you who have liked and shared my page so far. I’ve been putting this post together all week but it turns out I can’t get much writing done whilst chasing what can only be described as a mini Tasmanian Devil around the living room as he disappears under the table for the tenth time that morning. 929 more words


Top News: #SugarAndNutrition

Here are the top read news for #SugarAndNutrition:

Sugar industry secretly paid for favorable Harvard research:

As nutrition debates raged in the 1960s, prominent Harvard nutritionists published two reviews in a top medical journal downplaying the role of sugar in coronary heart disease. 347 more words


Sugar Blames Fat ... But It's A Lie!

Fats have been blamed for the last 50 years for the world’s ever-growing waist line. Yet, in an investigative report by the LA Times, it turns out that the… 410 more words