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What is healthy eating?

24th October 2014: Sydney Australia

I’m back basking in the land of normality, and feeling particularly positive as I’m not not weighed down with thoughts about the food eaten yesterday. 321 more words


Why Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad For You

Ever considered why are artificial sweeteners bad for you? Take a look at what artificial sweeteners are and how they affect your body.

Sweet as sugar?

Confused about sugars and sweeteners, and how to use them in your baking?

Gluten Free Mama explains the differences here:

Good Food

Stevia vs. Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Stevia vs. Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

So I am assuming that everyone who is interested in healthy and fit lifestyle has already heard about and more than likely tried Stevia. 519 more words


Lily's Chocolate . . . It's Quite Tastey!!

We just got a sample pack of Lily’s Chocolate. ¬†This is a Stevia and erythritol sweetened chocolate that has no aftertaste and doesn’t cause the stomach upset that many experience with chicory root based products. ¬† 118 more words

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Diet Pepsi Switches From Aspartame To Sucralose

As consumers slowly lose interest in diet beverages and in sodas overall, PepsiCo is out to follow changes in consumers’ sweetener tastes. One change is that people just aren’t into aspartame as much as they used to be, due to a combination of flavor and health concerns. 158 more words