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Early text messaging

Maybe the first text messaging was via those little candy hearts. … See the history of Sweethearts® candy “conversation hearts,” invented in 1866 by NECCO®, here.

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Clay Conversation Hearts

I’m sure you remember those chalky conversation hearts you got for Valentine’s day back in elementary school. The sayings were sweet, but the taste was anything but. 264 more words


Do You Remember When?

Do you remember when Valentine’s Day was one of the most fun and exciting holiday’s as a kid?  When in elementary school you’d beg your Mom to take you to the store to get some of those pasty tasting heart candies Sweethearts with the really cool sayings on them like Be Mine, True Love and all that jazz?   207 more words


Steal My Heart

Gather a bowl filled with candy hearts. You will need chopsticks for each player.

Place the bowl on a flat surface in easy reach for all the players. 44 more words


Love 365 Days a Year

In the past I used to be a fan of Valentine’s day because I was anticipating a gift, a dinner, a trip, something romantic to sweep me off my feet.  394 more words


Conversation Heart Alternatives for 2013

Ah, conversation hearts. A Valentine’s Day staple. Over 8 million of these suckers are sold every year. I can assure you it’s not for the taste, because they taste like chalk with a slight artificial cherry flavor. 123 more words


I'm Hearing Voices...

My cookies are talking to me, and they’re not just whispering “Eat Me….” like they normally do.

These were inspired by a cookie pop from The Decorated Cookie that I saw on Pinterest.  234 more words