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Cappuccino Cream Cheese Protein Brownies

Brownies. There’s nothing better than brownies, except cream cheese brownies. One of these bad boys from Corner Bakery Cafe makes me so happy and so ashamed of myself at the same time. 350 more words


Coconut Ices

Ahhh sweeties! For me an essential summertime treat. These are particularly easy to make, and are a joy for wee ones to help out with as there is no cooking, just mixing the ingredients. 158 more words


School day Jam Sponge

Who remembers the good old days at primary school when food was merely something to come in from the playground for – not a hopeless mission of self control – and we actually couldn’t wait to get it all over with to go play in the fresh air again (sort of like me on an all inclusive beach holiday, except I prefer the free drinks). 211 more words


Pins for Fathers Day

I had so much planned.. How did Fathers Day sneek up so fast! I knew it was coming but truthfully thought I had another week of planning! 194 more words


Pop pop...popcorny

I like salty popcorn, I like chocolate so of course I should like salty popcorn in chocolate and you know what…I do!

I have previously commented on Milka’s take on popcorn chocolate, which I am also supportive of. 30 more words

A corny post

It is always exciting trying local variants of recognisable food stuffs. Sometimes it is a small change and sometimes a real left field. Crushed corn Toblerone seemed like a safe-ish bet. 33 more words