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Pins for Fathers Day

I had so much planned.. How did Fathers Day sneek up so fast! I knew it was coming but truthfully thought I had another week of planning! 194 more words


Pop pop...popcorny

I like salty popcorn, I like chocolate so of course I should like salty popcorn in chocolate and you know what…I do!

I have previously commented on Milka’s take on popcorn chocolate, which I am also supportive of. 30 more words

A corny post

It is always exciting trying local variants of recognisable food stuffs. Sometimes it is a small change and sometimes a real left field. Crushed corn Toblerone seemed like a safe-ish bet. 33 more words

Sunday Sundae

Choose your toppings at The Beaumont Hotel, Mayfair, London. IT.WAS.YUMMY!!


Candy cakes

Another incredibly simple recipe which I made with a newborn baby in the house. The main purpose of these cakes was to use up sweeties that we’d used to create a train cake we made for hubby’s birthday (and to keep our toddler amused when there was a lot of attention focused on the newborn). 62 more words


It's Nice To Be Nice...You Get Sweeties!

After my last two posts were rather aggressively written, I thought I’d make my final thought of the night a nice one!

With having to take public transport the past couple of weeks due to not having a car, the wife and I have unfortunately have to take the bus. 313 more words