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banana bread

Yum, to the max. This banana bread was legit…although it only lasted a couple of days. Have been working on this recipe so I’ll fly up a post of my new and improved one soon!

+gluten & refined sugar free

Gluten Free

Ladybird cupcakes

I hadn’t really intended to do any baking, but I was at home with my kids and my son was asking if we could bake something. 236 more words


fried chickpeas

As a Belgian, you have to fry your food from time to time to make sure you feel alive. ┬áthis time I chose fried chickpeas as an ‘healthy’ alternative to supermarket chips. 48 more words


Sea Foam Fudge


This is another fantastic textured fudge recipe, but in a whole different way to the Condensed Milk Fudge.

It is made with whisked egg-whites and a hot sugar syrup, beaten to grain the sugar. 494 more words


pumpkin roll

On my search to a new and surprising recipe with pumpkin I found this roll cake.  This was especially interesting for me, as this kind of cakes is in fact a speciality of my mother. 201 more words


buttermilk-cinnamon mini muffins

I found this recipe on another WP-blog, and the combination of muffins with buttermilk was surprising enough for me to start working with. Converting the quantities of the ingredients to gram and liter is always a bit adventurous, but I think I managed :-) 145 more words


Pumpkin Spice Blondies

Brownies are fantastic and so are their equally delicious, highly underrated sisters – blondies. I’ve seen tons of people make brownies using black beans and blondies using white beans, so I figured, why not make pumpkin spice white bean blondies?? 328 more words

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