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My Baking Day (part2) - Coconut Shortbred Cookies and Raisin Shortbread Cookies

After the chocolate cake, I wanted to bake shortbread cookies.

While I was preparing the dought, i’ve decided to add some new ingredient for a little “special touch”. 258 more words


My Baking day (part 1) - Chocolate Cake

Sometimes i take a day off from everything, i wear my apron and my kitchen becomes my world: my baking day!

I love it, it is MY time for me and my passion, I can prepare cakes, cookies and biscuits using “already tested” recipes, try new one, taste new ingredients and mix them for MY recipes … I adore my baking day!!! 177 more words


Cheesecake Ricotta&Limone

This weekend Barbara, a friend of mine, invited us for a BBQ. The dessert is always my business and this time i wanted to create something  fresh, perfect for this hot season. 328 more words


Schiacciata Dolce Toscana

After a busy, full of family and food Easter Day, i enjoy my easter monday at home, reading a book, playing with my son, spending time cooking … and baking… 235 more words


Castagnole ... and my donutmaker!!!

CARNEVALE is the period before Lent, it runs from Twelfth Night to Ash Wednesday. It is celebrated with mad jokes, streamers, typical sweets and fancy dress parties especially during the weekend running from Giovedì Grasso (the last Thursday) to Martedì Grasso (Shrove Tuesday), which is the final day. 253 more words



Canestrelli, my way !!!! Today i’ve prepared this very buttery cookies, perfect for teatime. They are typical cookies from Liguria and Piemonte, very soft, friable … and delicious !!! 139 more words


Tortine alle Carote

When i was little, my mom used to prepare a delicious carrot cake. Now my son loves cupcakes and muffins ( his idea: “they are small so i can eat more !!!”) so i’ve decided to use my mom’s carrot cake recipe to prepare cupcakes !!! 84 more words