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Matcha meow! Green tea cat-shaped bread going on sale in Japan

Special black cat-version also joins bakery’s awesomely adorable lineup. 348 more words


The best ever chocolate chip cookies!

Hey fellow chocolate and cookie lovers!

Do you have a favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe? Either way, you HAVE to try this recipe out! I wish I could say that I came up with it myself but I didn’t ;) I owe a big thank you to… 375 more words

Japanese Kit Kats now come with edible birthstones

Take a peek inside this month’s exclusive Kit Kat birthstone box. 684 more words


Choux à la Crème Pralinée Mousseline and Chocolate Ganache

Or in plain English, puffs filled with a light praline crème and a layer of chocolate ganache. If you have been to France and tried it, you will know what I am talking about. 711 more words

Pâte de Praliné or Praline Past

This past is traditionally used as an ingredient for making desserts in France. It has a wonderful aroma of caramel and roasted nut. You can use hazelnuts or almonds or a mixture of both. 173 more words

The Northwest Chocolate Festival

The Northwest Chocolate Festival is one of the biggest chocolate festivals in Northern America. And unlike many of the smaller fair-like chocolate festivals I’ve been to, the NW Chocolate Festival is more focused on the trendy  320 more words