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The poseur's guide to Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello is a punk poet and a rock ’n’ roll legend. But what about the man behind the music? Stand out from the pack with our poseur’s guide to this pillar of pop culture. 326 more words


5 things to do this week in Calgary

Naughty… but Nice! Third Time’s the Charm; Tuesday, Dec. 6 to Sunday, Dec. 18. At Lunchbox Theatre

Forte Musical Theatre Guild’s fresh-faced holiday tradition is back for a third year with new songs to join favourites like Brendan the Brown-Nosed Reindeer and Bailey’s for Breakfast. 375 more words



After her WWE Tough Enough appearance, and before her current NXT career, Daria Berenato visited with Vince Russo for a video shoot interview on The Swerve… 20 more words


Match Game: Match the musician to their memoir

Once you hit a certain height as a musician, a memoir is a must.

Robbie Robertson—guitarist-vocalist for The Band, who makes an appearance in town courtesy of Wordfest—was likely way overdue for his. 66 more words


Run, Rabbit, Run: Man's battle with hare might end up in a stewing pot

Don’t call me Ishmael. Please. Yes, I am about to recount the tale of a man driven half-mad by a remorseless white monster. But it would be unfair to compare this series of events to a perilous quest across a cold, unforgiving ocean. 3,184 more words


Meet the Maker: Former firefighters lighting a fire under their coffee bean career

You could say Mike Wenzlawe and Jamie Parker are fanning the flames of culinary success. Former firefighters, they’re now the owners of Calgary Heritage Roasting Company. 588 more words


Drool: The cure for your culatello tastes

When it comes to culatello, patience is a virtue. The delicacy is made from the loin of a pig’s rear leg and takes five to six months to cure. 74 more words