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Whitehall restaurant offers diners the chance to kick back and think of England

It wasn’t exactly reading the entrails, but Neil McCue’s culinary career was, in some small way, guided by the carcass of a chicken.

“My first day in college,” he recalls, “we had to rip a whole chicken apart. 574 more words


Survival Guide to Hockey in Calgary: A host of tips for long-suffering parents while watching the kids play

It can be hard to remember that hockey is “the best game you can name” when you have lost all feeling in your extremities. And nothing hastens the arrival of blue lips among spectators like an aluminum bench. 47 more words


Fan fiction centred around Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes a disturbing and impassioned turn

There’s a growing genre of online “fan porn” available on Amazon.com these days, usually featuring an average person having a graphic sexual encounter with somebody famous. 698 more words


What Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts did to to-go food

If home-preserving isn’t on your must-do list, the chefs at Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts have you covered, with sauces, pickles and jams made in small batches. 58 more words


Rocky Goes It Alone

Listener, be forewarned…we might not be able to guarantee the same quality you’re used to in this glorious podcast…simply said, the Rock ‘N Rick Connection are only working at half strength today. 13 more words


5 things to do this weekend in Calgary

Clerks at The Plaza Theatre (Friday, Nov. 27)

No movie better captures the existential angst of the ’90s than Kevin Smith’s Clerks. Smith spent $27,575 of his own money (mostly by selling his comic collection) to film this indie film at the convenience and video stores where he worked at the time. 499 more words

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Recipes: Beans, beans the musical fruit

They’re always in season, and you only have to add water to begin the surprisingly tasty transformation.

Real Medalta Baked Beans

A Medalta bean pot is the perfect way to bake beans, but a baking dish will also do the trick. 364 more words