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The Collectors: They're looking for the next great find, not your understanding

“I’m not a hoarder, I’m a collector: if you have something you like, every time you see it,  you have a little happy hit.”  Douglas Coupland… 1,435 more words


How to reno a kitchen for $1,390.54

Jessica Johnston said she’d move into her boyfriend Barry Thorson’s house on one condition: the salmon-coloured walls and orange curtains in his kitchen had to go. 579 more words


5 things to do this weekend in Calgary

Dre Day at HiFi Club (Friday, Feb. 27)
The rap mogul turned headphone hawker turned 50 this month. For a man heavily involved in a music genre seniors love to hate, he’s certainly turned it around. 478 more words


Gallery: Creative collaborations you can buy

Kanye’s recent collaboration with Adidas isn’t the first time a celebrity has teamed up with a major brand, though it may have gotten more hype than most. 445 more words


Bow River shows signs of having emotions

Ever hear the old saw “Life is like a river”? How about “No man ever steps in the same river twice,” or any other one of the zillions of riffs on moving water to do with love, time, grief, puberty, deomocracy, etc. 388 more words


5 family-friendly things to do this weekend in Calgary

Feb. 27 – March 1

1. Calgary Home + Garden Show; Until Sunday, March 1 at BMO Centre and Corral, Stampede Park

The Home + Garden Show is a definite harbinger of spring, so its arrival is always welcome. 481 more words