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SEVEN IN THE MIX ! 2016 - Weekend 6/7 February...

Seven thumping crackers to play on repeat
and very, I repeat, very loud this weekend !

1/ ‘Daydream’ by SWERVE
Catchy ramshackle lo-fi melody charged with swirling drums & sheeny riffs – 301 more words

Seven In The Mix

Ghost Slopes: What happened to the departed but beloved ski hills of Alberta

The curving lines laid down by skiers in fresh snow are evidence of a lot of things, including ability, fun and good timing. But unless you know where to look, there’s little evidence of southern Alberta’s once-bustling ski industry outside the Big Three at Banff. 2,430 more words


The Complicated Calgarian learns to be "funny and sunny"

In the first instalment of Swerve’s fictional serial, Elaine, a high-functioning mess, navigates the gap between resolutions and reality then strikes out in a bold new direction… 638 more words


Bye bye Calgary Zoo bridge

In 1912 the first motor vehicles in Calgary were licensed, but this handsome truss bridge, built only three years earlier, was designed with horses and buggies in mind. 378 more words


Gallery: Items filled with love to get your sweetheart for Valentine's Day

It’s true that Valentine’s Day is not for everybody. Some people abhor the colour red, others are sickened by the whole idea of romance. Still others find all the emotional support they need on Netflix. 489 more words


How to get centred with the martial art of iaido

Iaido is the Japanese art of drawing a sword, cutting an opponent, wiping the blade and resheathing the sword.

Here’s the good news: the cutting and the blood are imaginary; iaido’s smooth movements are more contemplative than combative. 26 more words