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announcement: forthcoming material info

hey guys, i have some enthralling, wondrous news regarding my upcoming fourth studio album. first of all, the album is titled ‘ascendencia,’ and it will be released on 13 october 2017. 315 more words


addressing my releases: january 2016 to september 2017

hey. over the course of me failing to update this website, i released a few new albums and tracks on bandcamp, soundcloud, and via fmr. as previously announced, i released an ep to make up for the delayed and eventually lost original incarnation of my second album, the short, 3-track South America EP on 30 january 2016. 181 more words


joined a new label

hey guys. in my absence, ive been in the process of progressing as a musical artist. this is a good example of that occurring. i joined a new label/collective of artists, Frenetic Meow Recordings, also known as ‘✸D E A T H✸,’ ‘fmr-and-company,’ and/or just ‘fmr.’ i will only release individual tracks on this label, typically posting them as part of a compilation, or as an actual single. 265 more words


september 2017 update

i apologize for the lack of updates, but i will be updating this site more frequently from now on. anyways, i will start off by discussing new releases, getting signed to a label, future projects, my technical status, and most importantly, more on all the shit that’s coming soon. 42 more words


Taking the cue from Tamil culture

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

ARAM is a Tamil word that carries great significance for its users. Commonly appearing in older Tamil literature, the word means “doing good to others” and “acting humanely and conscientiously”. 943 more words

Money Matters

Sovereign Wealth Fund Is Our Security

Barney Orere | Post Courier | August 22, 2017

Concepts such as Dutch Disease are risks that threaten macroeconomic stability and consequently the long term development of the economy. 1,041 more words

Papua New Guinea

A day with Saltfly fish 

Recently I spent the day with Matt von Sturmer onboard his vessel Saltfly. He was hosting Josh Hutchins from Aussie Fly Fisher, showing him the amazing winter fishery he has right on his doorstep. 258 more words

Trip Report