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Swift 2 examples - Loading an image from a URL

This is the first post of a series that will show how to do common tasks with Swift 2.

Let’s write a method to load an image from a URL in a… 178 more words


“Killing Them Safely” shows the origins of Tasers

By Carter Glace

A documentary film about the history, nature and use of Tasers might not sound like the most riveting ninety minutes of cinema, yet “Killing Them Safely” is one of the best documentaries of the year. 485 more words


all in with apple - part 1

For the past year (since November 2014) I’ve been surreptitiously moving from a reliance on Windows, Linux and Android based devices to devices using Mac OS X and iOS. 1,172 more words


Hello World!

suzukitegal.com Persembahan kerja yang maksimal, adalah SUZUKI :

  1. Terpercaya, Handal dan Tangguh
  2. Kebanggaan Baru Keluarga Indonesia
  3. Memudahkan Perjalanan Keluarga Indonesia
  4. Interior Mewah dan Elegan “Roomy and Stylish Interior”
  5. 76 more words

Compressing a Swift array

Suppose you have an array of values in your Swift app and you need to compress it to a smaller size, with the intention of making it occupy less memory. 113 more words


Apple's open-sourced Swift programming language could change everything

”Apple has told us it intends making Swift 2.0 open source ‘later this year,’ a move some developers are calling ‘monumental,’ a ‘huge milestone in the evolution of the programming industry,'” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. 266 more words


First Post

Hello, this is just a **test**.

What does this mean?

Update: It’s the dragon!


Ok… so this is coming from Desk.pm.

“`swift… 10 more words