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UN And Western Spy Chiefs In Panic After Russia Launches “First Strike” Against US Dollar

In what is looking more by the hour to be a Russian “first strike” against the United States during this current “cold phase” of World War III, the Security Council ( 1,133 more words

Economic Report

You're Doing AES Encryption Wrong

Well, it’s possible you’re doing it properly … but likely not. At CocoaConf Chicago Rob Napier gave a presentation on iOS security and highlighted his cross-platform AES encrypt/decrypt library, … 59 more words

Lessons Learned From My First Month of Programming

I started programming a few months ago. Me and a friend were up late talking about our futures and we both concluded we weren’t happy in our jobs. 1,368 more words

The Crazy and Lazy Sunday it is !

A small blog for a lazy as well as a crazy Sunday. Why crazy ?? because  I have started  couple of things along with my blogging . 140 more words


Optional and Unwrapping in swift

What is optional type in Swift?

An optional type basically means that the variable can be nil. optional is indicated by question mark (? 223 more words


Swift: Permanent Data Storage

In this tutorial, we will learn how to save permanently some data in our application.

For data to be saved permanently in our application, we will need to use the “UserDefaults” command. 269 more words


Generate Random Colors in Swift

We have all come across scenarios where we need to use random colors. For example, showing UIViewControllers with random background color in a UIPageViewController, or just show UITableViewCells with random background colors in a UITableView. 66 more words