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Building a better console replacement: an exercise in Xcode 2

In my quest to port my little AppleScript app LogLogger to support the browsing of historic log data to Swift, started here, I have been adding features to enable it to obtain log entries for Time Machine. 1,223 more words


Using AutoLayout with UIView Subclasses in Playgrounds

Playgrounds on the Mac and iPad are a great way to develop quick prototypes for new classes. Recently I had the need to create a UIView subclass that contained a few labels. 231 more words


Suspects Arrested In Russia Central Bank Cyberheist

Russian authorities arrested a large number of suspects in May in connection with the recently revealed electronic theft of $19 million from accounts held at the Russian central bank, an official said on Wednesday. 368 more words


How Swiftly I began to love Swift...

So, my last post was a little nasty.  Written like a conservative populist, which politically I’m not, but I admit I had my reservations about learning Swift then, and I stand by that opinion at that time.   366 more words


Tutorial: Make a Custom UIButton in Swift 3!

There are likely thousands of possibilities for creating a custom button. Do an image search for “mobile app buttons” and you can see a wide variety of options and configurations. 1,510 more words


Best Books: App Development with Swift

#Books #eBooks #Apple App Development with Swift This Teacher Guide, a companion to the App Development with Swift course, is designed for you to use with high school and college students new to programming. 35 more words

Best Books: Swift Playgrounds: Learn to Code 3

#Books #eBooks #Apple Swift Playgrounds: Learn to Code 3 This Teacher Guide is designed to help you bring Learn to Code 3 from Swift Playgrounds into the classroom. 42 more words