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MVC vs VIPER ? Which one to use ??

This is an architectural debate or confusion to all developer on initial days.

Yes MVC we know as a Model, view, and controller. Yes, this is very old approach and still holds good for most of the cases. 298 more words



Доброго дня, панове.

Детальний звіт по сьогоднішній розсилці.

Цього разу через документи із макросами розповсюджували #NetWire RAT.

Цей тип шкідливого коду застосовується для віддаленого керування інфікованими системами. 198 more words


SwiftDemand Basic Universal Income


A universal Basic Income concept. Each user claims 100 daily swift or you can claim every 7 days.  They have an online marketplace with hundreds of products to purchase already. 80 more words


Code Snippet: Creating a custom ImagePickerViewController, like Instagram

The standard iOS UIImagePickerViewController is a great way for beginners to get started to accessing the camera and photo library. However, it isn’t used by any of the major photo sharing apps, they all have custom ImagePickers. 117 more words


Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

Love this song by Taylor Swift

Some people do some really mean things. They literally try to knock you over and then they call you lazy. 68 more words


April isn’t normally a mad month. This one has been, though. Since getting back from La Mancha, I’ve been here, there and everywhere. Performing in the school play. 1,321 more words


Swift Tutorial: Change color of image(UIImage) in swift4 programmatically

Always changed tint colour of UIView, but this time needs to change colour of image in swift. In this video we are going to learn how to change colour of UIImage programmatically in swift, 7 more words