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Tutorial te enseña a convertirte en Taylor Swift gracias al maquillaje

Por Catalina Abarca

El vídeo se hizo viral por YouTube y logró en cuatro días más de un millón de visitas.

A través de su canal de YouTube la bloguera Park Hye Min compartió un tutorial que te enseña a transformarte en Taylor Swift con ayuda de maquillaje, peluca, lentes y pestañas falsas, lo que demuestra cuán lejos ha llegado el uso de los cosméticos. 163 more words


Getting help from the command line

To get help from a command line you just have to write the name of the component that you need help. For example if you type keystone and hit enter you will get: 964 more words


OpenStack components

OpenStack has a modular design. This means there are different components that interact among them to create the cloud platform. Usually in each OpenStack version new components are released. 210 more words


Why should you use a third party to download image ?

If you has any experience to develop with iOS before, you faced with a problem how to download, display it on UIImageView and how to manage memory. 290 more words


Simplify Auto Layout with MarkupKit

MarkupKit is a framework for creating native iOS applications using a human-readable markup language, similar to how applications are built for Android and .NET. It allows developers to construct user interfaces declaratively, rather than visually using Interface Builder or programmatically in code. 17 more words


Integer Pada Swift

Integer adalah bilangan bulat tanpa angka pecahan seperti 42 dan -23. Integer memiliki dua jenis yaitu signed integer (nilainya positif, nol atau negatif) atau unsigned integer (nilainya positif atau nol).  267 more words

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