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Here Are 8 Reasons You Should Be Freaking Out About Taylor Swifts New Tour

Taylor Swift just kicked off her new tour in Japan this week, and it looks absolutely amazing. You have to get tickets when she comes to Dallas. 54 more words


Getting started with Swift

Apple introduced Swift in june 2014 as its brand new programming language covering all Apples platforms, and that means running on OS X and on iOS. 624 more words


Structures in Swift



Structures are a way of grouping data together (along with methods that act the data). In essence, structures are a collection of related variables… 813 more words

Basic Swift Language

iOS Circular Progress View

CircularProgressView is an iOS progress view implemented in Swift. Browse the source, and download at: https://github.com/joechristopherpaulamanse/circularprogressview

Custom View

Swift Scripting (Part 4) - The Exciting Conclusion

Previously, we’ve covered the groundwork necessary to use Swift to control scriptable applications. (See parts one, two, and three.) Now we get to the payoff. 614 more words

Swift Code

Swift: Getting the Levels of Water in São Paulo

I am brazilian and we are facing a water crisis (specially in São Paulo state), the drought is the most severe in the history of São Paulo and the people become interested in knowing the levels in the Cantareira reservoir system. 1,171 more words


How to add Try/Catch to Swift


We’re going to build a wrapper around the traditional Objective-c try-catch and pass in Swift closures to execute as part of the code.

Steps: 177 more words