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Advanced Swift

Dive deep into Swift! Explore some of its more powerful features, like operator overloading, string interpolation, and advanced pattern matching. Learn how to take advantage of generics to write terse and expressive code.


Intermediate Swift

Explore the modern features of the Swift programming language. Learn about object initialization, closures, and optionals. See how you can perform pattern matching using Swift’s powerful switch statements.


Introduction to Swift

Swift is Apple’s brand-new programming language for writing great iOS and OS X apps. Learn the basics of the language. See how to declare variables, use the fundamental data types, declare functions, and implement classes. 16 more words



I’m not a Swift fan, but I have to say that I find this song pretty good. I like the sound and it’s not like everything else she’s done. 11 more words


Fetching attributes in Core Data

Create an Array of AnyObject, you have to keep in mind that to access the index subscript you must have an array

var chartData: Array = [] 73 more words


Resources I'm Using to Learn Swift: Udemy

I started an online course to learn Swift a couple of weeks ago. It’s from Udemy and is called ‘The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps’. 166 more words


Deciding to Become an App Developer

Sitting in a hospital waiting room for about five or six hours recently, I realised just how much people use their phones. I was fascinated by it. 309 more words