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The Universe in X-ray Light

When I stop and think about it, it never ceases to amaze me that radio waves, infrared light, which we experience as heat, x-rays and gamma-rays are all the same fundamental physical phenomenon – light, or electromagnetic radiation.    923 more words



Along with the announcement of iOS 8 and Yosemite, Apple surprised all developers in the WWDC by launching a new programming language called Swift.Swift Programming Language has been developed by Chris Lattner and his team since year 2010. 190 more words


explode and join array in Swift

how to join array to string

var arrayList:!
var newString:String = “-“.join(arrayList)


how to explode string to array

var stringSentence:String!
var newArray: = stringSentence.componentsSeparatedByString(“-“)


How to tint an UIImageView Image

I continue to explore a few of the basics around using UIImageView and Swift to create interface elements. In this post I will discuss how you can apply a tint to an… 292 more words


Using data semphores in iOS (Synchronous Request)


As per Apple Documentation,

A dispatch semaphore is an efficient implementation of a traditional counting semaphore. Dispatch semaphores call down to the kernel only when the calling thread needs to be blocked.

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Adding a section header to your UICollectionViewController

Before you start, you should have a working UICollectionView (if you don’t, you can use this tutorial to set up one, link)

  • In your Storyboard, select your collection view, select 
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