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Political Candidate Smears Teachers in Obscene Ads--Fight Back with Your Vote!

The fact that politics is a dirty business is no secret. Overly zealous and ambitious candidates will often do and say anything to get elected/re-elected to public office. 1,457 more words

Education Hub Policy And Practice

John Kerry's Gaza FUBAR

John Kerry has to be some kind of sick DNC joke to convince voters that Hillary Clinton wasn’t the most incompetent secretary of state in history, after all. 714 more words

Barry's Kids

More Bergdahl news

I should have included this in a previous post but just saw it.  Seems there’s more to the Bergdahl story than meets the eye.  Daily Kos points out several… 349 more words

Lift That Coffin, Girls! Feel the Burn!

One Percenter Harold Simmons died at the spry age of 82.  Ghoul Pool sources say that he died wearing his trademark red and white striped shorts making a feeble attempt at a Sweatin’ to the Oldies video. 275 more words

Crime and Patisserie

What was that thumping? My heart. I jerked awake from a dream of going over some kind of effing cliff.  Then I heard the thump, rattle, clatter of a can being kicked down the road. 309 more words


Days of Whine and Roses

Etch-a-Mitt has been whining again. He’s upset that Obama and the Dems are dissing him – this from the guy who savaged his opponents during the Republican primaries. 214 more words


Swiftboating ad absurdum

Mitt Romney is saying the poor and sick would be better off under his presidency than Obama’s. That is laughably absurd. Romney/Ryan want to gut spending on government programs that benefit the poor so that they can fund a tax break to the very rich. 179 more words