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Kids swam and enjoyed swimming with dolphins at Delphinus

Tom and Ben say the best part was the foot push: Dolphins propel you through the water, using their noses to push you up and out of the water, gliding full-speed across the surface of the… 17 more words


This is the way Dolphins sleep

Did you know that Dolphins can sleep by half? Surprisingly they have the ability to close one half of the brain to sleep; leaving the other one active, there is the way that… 37 more words


Delphinus Dolphin Trek, Diving with Dolphins at Xel-Há!

Delphinus Dolphin Trek is an experience you can not miss if you visit Xel-Ha.

Written by Sandor Barragán.

For more information about Delphinus Dolphins Swim programs please visit Delphinus.


5 reasons to visit Xel-Há

  1. It’s the natural aquarium park considered the largest aquarium in the world.
  2. Has a beautiful natural scenary to snorkel or do other water activities.
  3. If you like the adventure, Xel-Há will provide you a good dose.
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Tours in the Riviera Maya that you can’t miss.

The Swim with Dolphins Programs at Delphinus are an amazing experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Xcaret and Xplor are stunning parks with fascinating activities where you can get to know about the Mexican culture and enjoy the adrenalin. 181 more words



Clients learn about dolphins directly from an expert trainer and actively participate in the daily routine taken to train and care for our dolphins. In this program they will experience swimming with dolphins, educative sessions, an underwater swimming session, participate in their feeding time and also a training session. 216 more words



The Dolphin Encounter Program is the ideal program for families traveling in Cancun. You and your children will be able to enjoy safe and fun activities that Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres has especially designed for all ages. 399 more words