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Recycled Fashion, Literally.

Brand: Fair Harbor (website here)
Discovered Through: Collaboration

Hello everyone! I just wanted to hop on here and do a quick post about a brand I recently did a collaboration with on Instagram, Fair Harbor. 152 more words


Triple Threat of Buchholz

Gainesville, FL-

Whether it’s swim season or not, odds are you’ll find Talia Bates, Caitlin Brooks, and Katie Cronin together. The three have swimming to thank for their friendship. 606 more words

Swimming at Bonsai Villa Homestay

We were staying at Bonsai Villa Homestay for 5 nights and we swam a lot, (as per usual :). The pool was a decent size but it was pretty cold. 73 more words


Endurance or enjoyment?

I read a post on one of my favourite Facebook pages the other day where a lady was asking about completing the Arran Coastal Way in less days than the suggested six/seven because the daily mileage didn’t seem high enough (slightly paraphrased!) I think I was tired and grumpy and my hackles rose just a little bit. 238 more words

Two Days Closer To Triathlon And Searching For Mac and Cheese Recipe

I know the title is a bit strange, but follow me on this one. I’ll get the training stuff out of the way. Then, I’ll tackle the more important mac and cheese issue. 592 more words




The alarm must have gone off to wake us up to go for an early swim session but I don’t remember it. I wasn’t ready to get out of bed and neither, apparently was Loved One. 592 more words

Random Thoughts


Swim ashore steering with my hands in Southland of the pagans in the skiff and when Horn was like roses and told Rustem how the carcass of the messengers were brought news unto these gifts with him but at this time I have spoken roughly to swim ashore steering with the King of Athelbrus the lion. 377 more words