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2015 Smithfield Triathlon Race Report Part I: My First Tri Perspective (Packet pickup, race morning, and swim)

Packet Pickup

Ok. What to expect? Ummmm. Who the hell knows? I had never “done” a tri before so the only thing not new to me was the packet pickup. 1,600 more words


Pool Etiquette: How to Mind Your Ps and Qs

Etiquette seems to be one of those weird areas in life where people learn as they go.  Unique to different countries, groups, situations, and cultures, it’s easy to completely miss the ball or to screw things up without actually realizing it–especially if you’re new to that situation and those norms.   866 more words


Walking Time!

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it or not but we’ve been walking again now that the waves are manageable in the afternoon. Adding to this I swam this morning to beat the heat and did again this afternoon after our walk. 135 more words

1 General Belize

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with

There were a few days this week that my body did NOT want to get up at 5am. Most days I am awake ahead of the alarm, but this was one of those weeks where I wasn’t feeling it. 492 more words


One month out and things could be better

I am still bummed about my foot. I saw a Dr Tuesday. The X-rays didn’t show anything and a bone scan was recommended. Trouble is-a bone scan can’t be done for two weeks. 62 more words

The countdown begins - 109 days to go!!!

So it is now only 109 days until the London triathlon! I say only because I remember being very confident around this time last year and then before I knew it, the race was a month away and I didn’t feel I had done enough preparation (story of my life). 277 more words