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Swimming costume shopping for a Beach Holiday

My daughters love to shop, at any time, for anything. I am quite the opposite. I cannot go shopping for hours on end, trying on arm fulls of clothing in the changing room. 351 more words


Comfort Zone

Why does everyone react with fear to the word ‘diet’? Well, I suppose it is a 4 letter word but there are a lot of 4 letter words that nobody even bats an eyelid at anymore. 520 more words

Which costume

With tonight’s Essex County 800 meter race approaching, I am pondering which costume to take. Madison owns a variety of costumes, all of varying quality and fit. 313 more words


9 types of must have Bikinis for vacations

9 types of must have Bikinis for vacations

Are you planning for a vacation in somewhere like islands or Beaches or any coastal regions? If yes, you must be then wondering what to wear in beaches. 656 more words


The Swimming Saga

This afternoon, at Maddox’s swimming lesson, I was that mom. The one that other mothers look at with a sort of sad smile. A mixture of pity and understanding. 264 more words


Post surgery swimwear

This is not one of those blogs that starts off all chatty and this is me and this is my life, and then hits you with what is basically an advert for stuff. 93 more words

New Season at The Pool

I love the opening day of the pool in our community. Usually. But this year, I was glum. I still had to wear my walking boot cast (a result of a slight fracture on the tip of my ankle bone that happened during my trip to Australia) and wasn’t able to swim. 864 more words